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Crossfit program 3/12/2018 -9/12/2018

Posted 30th November 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Week 2 of our Xmas and New Year training program.

Week 2. It’s going to be a great week this week. You’re all carrying some solid gains from our last full training block and really smashed through Week 1. Well done. Same again this week. Remember, we are looking for some good, solid lifting. We’re working on our form and putting in some basic good ol’ breathing work.


Work hard, be nice to people and go easy on the pudding.


A 10 mins to complete

A1 FFE Split Squat 3 x 8 @ 2210

A2: Hanging shrugs 3 x 10


B 20 Minutes to complete

B1: Back Squat 5×5 @ 40×0

B2 Pull ups 5×5@3010


C 6 min YGIG alt reps with partner

5el 1lg box squat


D 6 rounds

20 db squats -RX 22.5 /15

20 (10ea) DB GTOH-medium

Rest 1min btrs

* use 1 db for the squats and GTOH -move fast -earn your rest



A 16 Mins

Snatch Pull x1

Hang Snatch (knee) x1

Snatch x1

*build weight though sets


B 16 Mins complete:

Every 2MO2M

B Squat or Power snatch 6 x 1+1+1



C 6x2min efforts -1min change

bike – row – ski erg

*youl’l have 2 goes on each machine


D remaining time

Db curls 3×10 @3010

Db lateral raises 3×10 @2011



A  8min

YGIG with partner

Bear complex

squats clean > Thruster > back squats > behind neck push press =1rp

5reps each with BB for at least 2 rounds.


B 8 Min

Thrusters x6 – medium

Row x 12cal


C 8 Min

Power Clean x6 -medium

Pull Ups / ring rows x 12


D 8 Min

DB zombie press x6 (no burpee)

Ski Erg x 12cal


E 8 Min

DB Walking Lunges x6el

Burpee x 12 with db



A 10 mins to complete

A1 1lg RDL 3 x 8el @ 2210

A2: scapula press ups 3 x 10


B 20 Minutes to complete

B1: Deadlifts 5×3-5 @ 30×0

B2 Bench press 5×5 @3010


C 6 min YGIG alt reps with partner

5x HSPU or piked box press up

*this isn’t a race take your time work your form.


D 10 rounds (14min)

6 T2B

9 clapping press ups / press ups




A 16 Mins

Clean Pull x1

Hang Clean (knee) x1

Clean x1

*build weight though sets


B 16 Mins complete:

Every E2MO2M – work with a partner.

B Squat or Power clean 6×1+1+1 cluster set


C 8x2min alt 2mins with partner (4each)

6x clean and press @80%B

ME over bar burpees

*each round should be hard and fast, keep score please.



A 16min

10x KB swings

10x KB cleans

10x KB push press

30second KB hug

rest 1 min


B 4x 6min windows

Run 400mtrs

Rnd 1 ME power clean

Rnd 2 ME Back squats

Rnd 3 ME Push press

Rnd 4 Deadlifts

* thing about your weight each round they shouldn’t be too heavy


C As time allows

5x wheel roll outs

10x rev crunches -holding rig

45 second plank hold

* this set should be slow and controlled – squeeze.