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CrossFit Gymnastics – December 2018 and January 2019

Posted 5th December 2018 by Jenna Fisher

In November we worked on improving your Amanda times:

21, 15, 9 snatch and ring muscle up

Chipping away at this with a methodical and consistent approach each week achieved some fantastic results:

Chris: 8 mins, down from 10 mins 30 secs (60kg + ring muscle ups)

Olly: Zero ring muscle ups to all 21 (!), in addition to the 60kg snatch

Mauricio: 6 mins 8 secs, down from 8 mins 50 secs (60kg + bar muscle ups)


Once everyone has returned from the festive break, February will bring the next conditioning project:

21, 15, 9 cleans and handstand push ups

(A hybrid of Diane – DL+HSPU, and Elizabeth – Cleans+Dips. Aka all the best bits)

Scales will be available for all levels of experience. The most important factor is to improve yourself, whatever your starting point, and to have fun doing it.


In the meantime, December and January will focus on strength.

There are three programmes on the spreadsheet. Choose the one most appropriate for your current level of strength and skill:

Programme A: for those who can already do ring muscle ups and HSPUs (subsections for different levels of experience with this), or who are very close to achieving them

Programme B: for those who can already do pull ups /chin ups, and dips, and are working towards achieving their first muscle up

Programme C: for those trying to achieve their first pull up or chin up. This assumes you have completed the previous programmes building towards this but no need to worry if not. Further scales are available for all beginners. Your coach will help with this.

Each programme follows the same format:

  1. 10 minute warm up
  2. 12 minutes working on muscle ups, or scales
  3. 12 minutes working on handstand push-ups, or scales
  4. 10-12 minutes of strength accessory exercises

Rep ranges and rest periods are left fairly flexible to be tailored to your current strength and experience in each movement. The priority is quality over quantity. Aim to build on your performance each week.


It is expected that you might not get through all of the work in the first class since extra teaching time will be needed to explain the programme. (Those who have experience are welcome to get cracking while the coach holds back with the newer people). No need to worry about this – the programme will carry over to January to give you a decent shot at getting it all completed and making improvements each week. That said, small changes will be introduced in the second week of January to keep things progressing.


Your coach will guide you through everything so relax and enjoy x

CrossFit Gymnastics Programme – December 2018 and January 2019