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10/12/2018 -16/12/2018 -CrossFit training program

Posted 7th December 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to week 3 of our xmas and new year training program.

Week 3. It’s getting a little bit more spicy this week. As well as your structural balance work, you have a couple of drop sets and some YGIG pieces. Don’t rush though these: always work your form first and if you need to take some rest, take it.

There are a couple of shorter WODs as well as one long WOD – and on Saturday we are asking you to do some synchronised work, which is always good for a laugh.

Work hard, be nice to people and go easy on the pudding.


A 10 mins to complete

A1 RFE Split Squat 3 x 8 @ 2210

A2: Banded pull pattern 3 x 10ea

Pull a-parts, diagonal, pull apart, diagonal.

B 12 Minutes to complete

B: Back Squat 6×5,5,5,5,5 drop set

*drop set might look like 5,7, ME

C 6min 3x Pull ups YGIG

D 6 min YGIG alt reps with partner

3 pistol squats or 1lg box squats

E 5 rounds AFAP

10x press ups

15x air squats

30x DU


A 16 Mins

Snatch Pull x1

Hang Snatch (knee) x1

Snatch x1

*build weight though sets

B 12 Mins complete:


B: Hang Sn + OHS

6 x 2+2

C 5x rounds

12x DB push press

6x DB box step overs

12x Db renegade rows (6ea)

D remaining time

Db curls 3×10 @3010

Db lateral raises 3×10 @2011


4min – BB only

10x bb back squats

10x bb push press

4min – BB only

10xbb Deadlifts

10x bb Power cleans

For time as a 2-person team:

40 Clean & Jerks rx 50/35

400 Run

40 pull ups -scales


40 Clean & Jerks rx 50 /45

400 Run

40 pull ups -scales

400 Run

20 Clean & Jerks rx 50/35

200 Run

20 pull ups -scales

200 Run

20 Clean & Jerks rx 50 /45

200 Run

20 pull ups -scales

200 Run

No more than 5 reps each and you can’t start reps until both partners are back from run.


A 10 mins to complete

A1 1lg RDL 3 x 8el @ 2210

A2: Banded face pullss 3 x 10

12 Minutes to complete

B Deadlifts 6×3,3,3,3,3, drop set

*drop set might look like 3,6, ME

C 6 min YGIG alt reps with partner

5x HSPU or piked box press

D 6min YGIG rep with partner

3xel rev shrimp lunges

*back foot doesn’t touch floor just knee.

D 6min

10 T2B

10x RKBS


A 16 Mins

Clean Pull x1

Hang Clean (knee) x1

Clean x1

Jerk x1

*slowly build weight though sets

B 16 Mins complete:


B: Hang squats clean + jerks

6 x 1+1+1

C 4x2min with 2rest between each round

with a partner alt

10x squat cleans @60/45 (5each)

ME synchronised burpee in remaining time

*split the class into 2 groups 1 group working 1 group resting


A 8min warm up complex

High pull >Power clean > thruster > back squat > BTK jerk =1 rep

3x5x bb only

*Increase weight slowly if you feel smooth and comfy.

B 20 minutes rolling EMOM

1-4: Hang squat Clean x 3

5-9: Power Clean x 3

10-14: Front Squat x 3

15-19: Deadlift x 5

C 16 mins Heavy Breathing

1min work 1min rest



Ski- erg


*change station every round’s