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Crossfit training program 17/12/2018 -23/12/2018

Posted 14th December 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to week 4 of our xmas and new year training program.

Week 4. Its almost time for that full blown x mad week so let try and focus in on this week and lets get as much out of it as you can.

We are asking you to do a few drop sets on some of your basic lifts. With a drop set you want the reps to go up as the weight come down, its a great way to get some more volume into you – always with good form don’t be a hero for extra reps.

Work hard be nice to people and go easy on the pudding.


A 10 mins to complete

A1 RFE Split Squat 3 x 8 @ 2210

A2: Banded pull pattern 3 x 10ea

Pull a-prats, diagonal, pull apart, diagonal.

B 12 Minutes to complete

B: Back Squat 6×5,5,5,5,5 drop set

*drop set might look like 5,7, ME

C 12min YGIG

3x strict pull ups (scales)

3xel pistol squats or 1 lg box squats

D 6min YGIG partner

squat and squeeze.

goblet squats x2 -heavy

Hold KB or db whilst partner squats

*add 2 squats each round


A 16 Mins

Snatch Pull x1

Hang Snatch (knee) x1

Snatch x1

*build weight though sets

B 12 Mins complete:


B: Hang Sn + OHS

6 x 2+2

C 8min YGIG

Row 12/15cals

12x Push press 45/30

D 8min YGIG

Bike 12/15cals

12x ring rows (horizontal)

E in remaining time if you have any?

Db curls 3×10 @3010

Db lateral raises 3×10 @2011


A 12 mins of:

A1 Poliquin Step Up 3 x 15el

A2 Banded Pull Through 3 x 20

A3 Hollow Dish x 45-60sec

B 4x rounds each “Heavy breathing”

Row 250mtrs AFAP

10x burpees

10x AKBS -24/16

10x burpees

10x AKBS

*P1 works whilst P2 rest, P2 works whilst P1 rests.

C 12min Midline

C1 12-15 rev crunches @4010 (holding rig)

C2 alt sides 2 length gym farmers carry -heavy


A 10 mins to complete

A1 1lg RDL 3 x 8el @ 2210

A2: Banded face pulls 3 x 20

12 Minutes to complete

B Deadlifts 6×3,3,3,3,3, drop set

*drop set might look like 3,6, ME

C 12min YGIG

3x strict HSPU (scales)

6xel DB walking lunges -heavy

D 2reps >? YGIG  rounds with partner

2x RKBS -heavy

2xPress ups

*add 2 reps to each movement each round.


A 16 Mins

Clean Pull x1

Hang Clean (knee) x1

Clean x1

Jerk x1

*slowly build weight though sets

B 16 Mins complete:


B: Hang squats clean + jerks

6 x 1+1

C Partner DT

5 Rounds each For Time in a YGIG format

12x Deadlifts 70/45kg

9x Hang Power Cleans 70/45kg

6x Push Jerks 70/45kg

*each person does a full round of DT – scale as needed


A 10 mins of:

A1 Heels Elevated SOTS Press 3 x 6-10

A2 YTW’s 3 x 10,10,10 (in each position)


60x DU (90 singles)

30x alt Dumbbell Snatches rx22.5 / 15kg

60x DU (90 singles)

Row /bike 30/21cals

60x DU (90 singles)

30x Toes to Bar (scales)

60x DU (90 singles)

Row / bike 30/21cals

60x DU (90 singles)

30x alt Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)