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Crossfit Program 31/12/2018 -6/1/2019

Posted 28th December 2018 by Geoff Stewart

Welcome to week 6 of our Xmas and New Year training program.

Week 6. It’s the final week of this short but funky phase. It’s pretty simple: we are following our normal plan with a good mixture of basic lifting, breathing work and laughs and giggles.

People, have a great New Year. Enjoy yourselves, drink well, eat better and work harder.

Be nice to people and go easy on the pudding.


A 10 mins to complete

A1 RFE Split Squat 3 x 8 @ 2210

A2: Butchers block hold 3×30-45sec

B 12 Minutes to complete 

front squat + back squats 6x 2+4

*with a single weigth on the bar do 2x front squats re rack bar then staringth into 4x back squats – increase weight through sets

C 12mins to complete

Pull ups or chin ups

6x 3-5xstrict weighted pull ups final pull up must be have a 20second eccentric phase

8mins YGIG for max distance

Row or ski-erg

12-15 cals each


Take the day off.

if you fancy doing something

Walk 5min to get some blood flowing

30mins work.

Run 5mins – slow /medium


12xair squats

6x burpeess

3x jump squats

Run 4mins – slow /medium


12x air squats

6x burpeess

3x jump squats

Run 3mins – slow /medium


12x air squats

6x burpees

3x jump squats

Run 2mins – slow /medium


12x air squats

6x burpeess

3x jump squats

Run 1mins – slow /medium


12x air squats

6x burpees

3x jump squats


A 12 mins of:

A1 Poliquin Step Up 3 x 15el

A2 Banded Pull Through 3 x 20

A3 Hollow Dish x 45-60sec

B 24 min EMOM

6 Burpees + 6 Deadlifts @100/70kg

6 Burpees + 20 DU

6 Burpees + 10 Dbs GTOH

Rest 1 min

C 12min Midline

C1 3-6 Strict hanging knee raises @4040 (holding rig)

C2 12xes side bands -heavy


A 10 mins to complete

A1 1lg RDL 3 x 8el @ 2210

A2: Banded face pulls 3 x 10 

12 Minutes to complete 

B Deadlifts 6×3,3,3,3,3,3 

C. 12min YGIG

3x strict HSPU (scales) 

6xel pistol squats / shrimp squats

“Criss Cross”


30 Double Unders

15 Power Cleans (115/80)

30 Double Unders

15 Toes to Bar


A 16 Mins

Clean Pull x1

Hang Clean (knee) x1

Clean x1

Jerk x1

*slowly build weight though sets

B 16 Mins complete:


B: Hang squats clean + jerks

6 x 1+1+1

C 6 rounds each YGIG

1x power snatch rx50/35

3x power clean and press

5x thrusters

*1 bar ,1 weight alt full rounds with partner.


A.12min working in a YGIG format

Kb swings 12

Kb cleans 6ea

Kb squats 12

Kb press 6each side

B “Clean House”

5 Rounds (In a 4 Minute Window):

400 Meter Run

1 Round of “Cindy”

C 10mins

C1 EZ curls x12

C2 Db zootman curls

C3 lying rev crunches x12 @4020