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Crossfit Program 14/1/2019 – 20/1/19

Posted 12th January 2019 by Josh Schouten

This week will see a reduction in repetitions on the previous week as we work towards slightly higher intensities (weights). The movements must stay the same, even with the added load.

You will see that some of the W.O.D’s will have *TEST* above them this week and next. This will signify the workouts that we will be re-testing in March and April. If you are looking to track your progress and make some improvements these will be the workouts to make a record of in those little black books. If you’re unsure how to scale or record these workouts please don’t hesitate to ask what might be an option of you to scale (up or down), if needed. A little note that while testing is needed we can’t go all out every day, choose your time and place wisely and go from there!


25 Minutes continous work:

A: 45* Db Incline Press x 10-12 @ 30×0

A2: KB Sumo Deadlift x 10-12 @ 30×0

A3: Powell Raise x 10-12 @ 30×0

A4: Front Foot Elevated Split Squat x 10-12 @ 30×0

Move though while keeping the rest to a minimum. No longer than 60 seconds.



3 Rounds of:

3 mins armap / 1 min rests

Push Press x 10 50/30

DU x 30

The score is the number of rounds completed in the 9 minutes of work. Continue where you left off in the previous round.


12 minutes:

A: 3 position Muscle Clean

High Hang x 1

Low Hang x 1

Floor x 1

12 minutes: B: High Hang Power Clean x 4




Power Cleans 50/35 or Heavy KB Swings

Burpees over the bar

followed by 30 calories on your choice of cardio equipment.

Score will be the time in which you complete this task. If you choose running as your tool this will be 400m to the canal.


25 Minutes continous work:

A: Cyclist Front Squat x 8 @ 30×0

A2: 1 Arm Db Row x 10-12 @ 30×0

A3: Banded Pull Through x 10-12 @ 30×0

A4: Cuban Rotation x 10-12 @ 30×0

Move through while keeping the rest to a minimum. No longer than 60 seconds.


5 Rounds: DON’T chase time, chase movements. Rest where needed!

Double KB Clean & Press x 5

Double KB Squat x 5

Double KB Bent Over Row x 10

Cardio of choice x 10 cal (change each round)

The aim of today is to movewell and dial in those tekkers and not to over do it. Listen and learn folks!


12 minutes:

A: 3 position Muscle Snatch

High Hang x 1

Low Hang x 1

Floor x 1

12 minutes:

B: Power Snatch + Sn grip Jerk x 2+2

C: Kb Sots Press or Kb Windmill 3 x 8 each

C2:Walking Lunges 3 x 16 steps



4 x 400m. Begin on the 3:30.

All out on each run! We would suggest recording each 400m and total the times at the end of 4 efforts. Don’t hold back gang. A good warm up is needed for this one.


3 Rounds:

A: Strict Press banded w/ kettlebells x 5

A2: Chest Supported YTW’s x 8 each

4 Rounds

B: Thruster (paused @ full extension, 2 seconds) x 6-10

B2: Hollow Dish / Plank/ KB Flutter kicks / Seal Walks x 40-60 seconds


Teams of 3 for 6 minute stations.

  1. Hang Power Cleans x 5 + DU x 10
  2. Shoulder to Overhead x 5 + TTR/TTB/ Double Crunch x 10
  3. Db Burpee x 5 + DB Thruster x 10

P1 will complete both exercises before P2 will begin. P3 will start once P2 has completed both exercises. This will continue for 6 minutes before changing stations, time will continue, with rest after 18 minutes. Everyone will start at station 1 and work through. Scale where needed. Be smart out there.


25 mins of:

A: Paused Back Squats x 3 @ 33×0

A2: Sliding Leg Curls / Nordic Curls x 12 / 6-8

A3: Kneeling Palloff Press x 30-45 sec each

5 rounds

6 Rounds: DON’T chase time, chase movements. Rest where needed!

Double KB Snatch x 5

Double KB Clean x 5

Double KB Push Press x 5

Double KB Swing x 15

Choose wisely, if this is your first time on the KB we’ll get you moving well with one first! Once completed move on and get as much done of the below as you can!

3 rounds of:

Double KB swings x 10 (challenging)

Side Plank x 30 seconds each

Front Leaning Rest x 30 seconds

Run 200 mtrs (rear alley)

Aim to use a weight that you can keep moving comfortably with