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Gymnastics – February 2019

Posted 5th February 2019 by Jenna Fisher

There were some great results during the last two months of strict ring muscle ups. Special mention to Darragh for (intentionally) making a rep last for 47 seconds! And, to the Tom’s, for finally turning up consistently (almost), and finding that this had a direct correlation to achieving their first reps.

In the new programme, you will begin by working on straight arm strength, bar muscle up drills (to address the common fault of pulling into the bar too soon rather than performing a hollow straight arm pulldown), and shoulder mobility. For this part, do not try to complete everything listed on the programme in the first week. Start small and build gradually over the weeks.

Since this is the coldest of the winter months, the conditioning workout will be the focus of the class. The final week will be a hybrid of Diane (the HSPUs) and Elisabeth (the cleans), and all preceding weeks will lead up to achieving a good result in this. As with all our gymnastics projects, record your performance each week. If you nailed it, increase the difficulty the following week. If not, work on doing the same workout better before you progress.

If you were almost at the point of achieving your first / first-consistent ring muscle ups at the end of the last programme you are welcome to continue working on these. Note, however, that the new programme has been written to give your elbows a break from the recent demands on the rings, so be mindful of this.

Gymnastics Programme – February 2019


Jenna x