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Crossfit Program – 11/2/2019 to 17/2/19

Posted 10th February 2019 by Josh Schouten

This week we’re talking consistency, like the kind where you show up, put in the work and get results at the end. Some have asked why we are sticking to the same A’s and B’s in the programming for a month. The simplistic answer is that with consistency, we develop specific skills, and in the end get more work done. When changing programming week in and week out we never really do accomplish much. A little bit like trying to pee and poo at the same time, not much really happens.

We’re building to bigger and better things here and they take time, like a fine bottle of red. If we show up, follow the tempo, reps and rest, and record the weights lifted to have a base to build from, we will see improvements week on week. Although a random approach would still get you a great workout, the progression will be less.

With the CrossFit Open commencing on the 21st Feb we will be holding the workouts during the Sunday CrossFit sessions. We will be making this more inclusive this year. For those who wish to submit their scores, you will need to sign up here. These people will be judged, scored and verified according to the CrossFit Open rules. For those people who aren’t fussed about scoring, we will be modifying the workout into teamwork so that you still get a great class without having to compete.  For those wondering what the hell this is all about you can read here.  At the end of the day, we want people to come in, have fun and walk away with a smile on their face. This will be an all-welcoming workout that anyone can take part in. Come stop by and see what all the fuss is about.


🔥Warm-Up – 5 minutes continuous🔥

10 x Kb Swings
10 x Caterpillar walkouts
10 x Banded lateral walks

Every 3:30 complete

A: Supported Bulgarian Split Squats 4 x 10 ea @ 41×1
A2: Ez / DB Reverse Curl 4 x 6-10 @41×1

Every 3:30 complete

B: High Box Step Up / Pistol
3 x 8 @ 3010
B2: BB / DB Standing Curl
3 x 6-10 @ 3010


10 min AMRAP of:

10 x Devil Press 17.5/12.5

20 x DU


🔥Warm-Up – 5 minutes continuous🔥

10 x Kb Clean
10 x Kb Front Rack Squat
10 x Banded Pull-a-Part

8 minutes: Every 2 minutes

A: Clean Grip Panda Pull

8 minutes: Every 2 minutes
4 x 3

B: Low Hang Power Clean
4 x 3

8 minutes: Every 2 minutes

C: Push Press + Push Jerk
4 x 3


16-minute time cap to complete in pairs:

5 x Bear Complex – Work to a comfortable weight*

10 x Double Kettle RDL (slowly)


*Bear Complex

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press



🔥Warm-Up – 5 minutes continuous🔥

10 cal Bike
Front Plank 45-60 sec
10 cal Ski
Side Plank – 45-60 sec
10 cal row

Every 3 minutes complete:

A: Rack Pull (above t:he knee) 4 x 12 @ 2111 – Rest :30
A2: Backward Sled Drag (heavy) 4 x 1 lap

Every 4 minutes complete:

B: Banded Bench Press 3 x 12 @ 2111
B2: 1/2 Kneeling DB Shoulder Press 3 x 12ea
B3: Bent Over Reverse Fly 3 x 12

Move through while keeping the rest to a minimum. No longer than 60 seconds.


15-minutes AMRAP:

400m Run

16 Alternating DB Back Steps

8 Pull Ups



🔥Warm-Up – 5 minutes continuous🔥

10ea x Curtsey Lunges
10 x Banded Passthrough, in a squat.
10 x Down Ups

Every 2 minutes:

A: Power Snatch + OHS (pause 3 sec at the bottom)
5 x 2 +1

Every 3 Minutes
B2: KB Swing (Russain)
5 x 8


20-minute time cap – In pairs working together.

300cal Bike / Row

While P2 completes

15 KB Swings 32/24

10 WallBalls 9/7

Once complete change, rinse and repeat.


🔥Warm-Up – 5 minutes continuous🔥

10 x Wall Balls
125m x Row / Ski

A: Paused Front Squat 4 x 2-4 @ 33×1
A2: Chin Up 4 x 4-6 @ 33×1
– or-
A2: Chest Supported Db Row 3 x 10 @ 20×1


In pairs complete alternating rounds of

10 Rounds for time:

10 Squat Cleans (60/45)

10 Burpees


🔥Warm-Up – 5 minutes continuous🔥

10 x KB Push Press
10 X KB Squat Clean
10 x KB Snatch
20 x DU

Every 2 minutes:

A: Paused Clean @ knee for 2 seconds
5 x 3

Every 2 minutes:

B: 3 Position Clean Deadlift, pause 2 seconds @ 2″ off the floor, below knee, above knee
4 x 3

B2: Ab rollouts x 10-12

W.O.D – 16.1

20 Minutes of:

10m Overhead Walking Lunges (42.5/30)

8 Bar-Facing Burpees

10m Overhead Walking Lunges

8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups