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Gymnastics – March 2019

Posted 5th March 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Some great times were achieved in the Elizabeth-Diane hybrid last month. Over the weeks the handstand push up technique improved greatly for some and others gained knowledge on how to break up the 21, 15, 9 reps to avoid burnout.

This month we progress the bar muscle up drill to include the transition. This will be performed on a low bar (see the Carl Paoli video: and if all goes well you will return to the high bar next month.

Thereafter you will perform a pull up+TTB and dip ladder – a different variation each week to challenge you further. (Note the TTBs are performed straight after the pull ups without dropping from the bar). Alternatively, you can perform these on the rings, if you prefer.

The conditioning workout will also increase the challenge each week, starting with burpee box jumps and ending with burpee ring muscle ups.

Read through the programme spreadsheet for the detail on each workout. Tips are provided on how to scale the workout repetitions (up or down) to ensure that you move fluidly for the duration of the time cap.

Gymnastics Programme – March 2019 

All levels of experience are welcome – movement scales will be provided in class by your coach.

Enjoy x