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MOMENTUM TRAINING – 2019 Members Survey – Have your say!

Posted 12th March 2019 by Josh Schouten

It’s that exciting time of year again where we put out the Momentum Training annual survey (we say annual but we haven’t done one for a couple of years now, but we like to think of it annually).


It’s the opportunity for you, our wonderful members to show your love for your coaches, express your love for programming, praise the amazing showers, share your wonderful gains and generally give love and hugs all around.


Of course, you can always take the opportunity to give us quality feedback on what would make us that little more special and entice you out of bed at 6am in the morning.

We’re leaving the survey up for 2 weeks until 22nd March 2019. It would be great if you can spare 5 minutes of your time to make this place even more special.

If you don’t fancy filling it out and have some feedback please get in touch with Geoff and Josh directly. We don’t bite (very often) and are more than happy to drink a good coffee.

Love respect and tight assets.

Take survey here