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Crossfit Program – 18/3/2019 to 24/03/19

Posted 17th March 2019 by Josh Schouten

Summers coming and we’re ramping up the training nicely. We’re getting used to the movements now and really starting to feel the movements. Strength if being gained and workouts are getting crushed. We’ve got a good mix of heavy and hard along with some pure conditioning workouts with don’t involve burying ourselves. Along with this, there has been a rumour of a gym dog…

We’ve now got one week remaining of the CrossFit Open before the Sundays resume as normal programming and we can get on our merry way. The BBQ is booked in so await news of the finer details!

Lots of love,

Team Momentum


Every 2 mins complete:

A Clean + Front Sq + Push Press Jerk

4 x 2 + 1 + 1

20 mins to complete:

B: Front Squat 3 x 2 @ 33×0 rest 60 seconds

*Note elevate heels to aid keeping upright and deep in the Front Squat

B2: Back Squat 3 x 6 @ 20×0 Rest 2 minutes


Every 3:30 minutes complete:

5x Cluster (medium)

10 x D-Ball Clean & over the shoulder

15 x Cal Monostructural

Aim to finish the round in under 1:30. Adjust Calories on the Monostructural

Repeat for 5 rounds. Build in weight as needed. Set off in waves so you can share the D-Balls


Every 2 mins complete:

A: Jerk Balance

3 x 4

Every 2 mins complete:

B: Split Jerk

4 x 4

Every 2 mins complete:


3 x 8




400m Run


Every 2 mins complete:

A: Snatch Pull (below knee) + Snatch + Overhead Squat 7 x 2+1+1 (75-85 % of RM)

Every 2 mins complete: 

B: Muscle Snatch + Press in Snatch 3 x 3+3 (moderate weight by feel)


20 Minutes to complete:

2 rounds of:

24 x Cal (monostructural)

24 x DB Squat

24 x DB STOH

24 x Cal (monostructural)

24 x Db Snatch

24 x Burpee


Every 2 mins complete:

A: Bench Press

4 x 3 @ 33×0

Every 3 minutes:

B: 45* DB Neutral Bench Press 4 x 8 @ 20×0

B2: Battle Rope External / Internal / Alternating waves 4 x 15 sec each position (45sec total)


4-5 Rounds:

12 Steps x Double KB Front Rack Walking Lunge

12 x Persian Press Up

Rest 60 Seconds. Build Weight each round. This is a

Finisher: 3 x 15 – Joe De Franco’s Bat wings T’s


Every 2:30 minutes:

A: Sumo Deadlift 4 x 4-6 @ 40×0

5 minutes to complete

B: FAT GRIP Conventional Double Overhand NO Straps Deadlift (GRIP TRAINING, smooth tempo)

2 x 20

*Note that this is for grip training, NOT a PB attempt.


Saturday’s Partner Workout – 30 minutes to complete rounds of:

100 x Cal Row

100 x DL (avg of 3 peoples body weight)

100 x WallBall

100 x Depth Press Ups

100 x Over the box Burpees

100 x Pull Ups (strict)

100 x  Wall Balls

100 x Cal Bike

In teams of 3. One partner working. Max 25 reps before changing.


CrossFit Open 19.5 – This will be updated Friday once the announcement has been made.

Please click here to see the Class Structure