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Heavy Metcon 10/4/2019

Posted 12th April 2019 by Geoff Stewart
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This is an advanced class. The main lifts are with barbells. You must know how to perform these movements without instruction and be confident in holding form whilst under fatigue. Other than that, all are welcome!

Warm up.


With a BB, machine and a Partner P1 rows whilst P2  does complex

Deadlifts x9

Squat cleans x6

Push press x3



40xSquats cleans  RX70/50 -read the below please.

40x pull ups or ring rows (strict)

40x push press 40x T2R or T2B

40cals row

This should be a steady and strong grind the squat clean and push presses should be done in small clusters – if you’re doing singles it’s too heavy and if you’re doing 10s it’s too light. Pull ups  and T2B should have great range and form not sloppy seconds in this gym please.


2 rounds

40x db Bicep curls

40x lying db tricep ext

Break the above up as you need, get your pump on.