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Crossfit Program – 15/04/2019 to 21/04/19

Posted 14th April 2019 by Josh Schouten


This week in the workouts that are broken up with the rest periods timed we will need to work hard and fast to get the allotted work done, rest and repeat. For those that are a little longer and continuous, please pace your self steady. Learn your gears and how your body reacts to the stimulus!

Next month, we’re looking to change up the blogging process posting 4 weeks at a time so we can be a little more prepared for the session. Knowing your weights before you arrive will help you gain more from the hour. This will help stop just putting weights on by feel and lead to progressing week on week!

The Survey result will be coming out this week, as you will have noticed we have made some significant changes in the gym already!

Have a great week team x



Every 2 mins complete:

Every 2 mins complete:

A: Power Clean 4 x 4 @ 70-75%

A2: Bench Press 4 x 4 @ 70-75%

5-10% extra this week. Move Fast!

Every 2 mins complete:

B: Panda Pull + Press Up (Variations)- Dive Bomb press Up, Sheena Board Press Up, P-Bar Press up to pike.

4 x 6+12


5 Rounds:

5 x Thruster 50/35

15 x DU

Rest 60 seconds

5 x Front Squats 50/35

15 x DU

Rest 60 seconds

5 x Push Press 50/35

15 x DU

Scale up or down on this one. Use a weight that you can work through the 5 rounds at a steady unbroken pace.


Every 2 mins complete one movement

A: Back Squats x 8,6,6,4,15 @ 40×0

A2: Chin Up x 4-6 @ 40×0

Every 90 seconds complete one movement

B: Pendlay Row 3 x 6 @ 30×0

B2: Alternating DB Curl 3 x 12 (total) @ 20×0


Rolling Clock with 2 minutes between stations. With short working periods some hard work should be put in at the give station!

Station 1:

3 Minutes of:

DB Snatch x 5 each

D-Ball Ground to Over the Shoulder x 10

Station 2:

3 Minutes of:

DB OH Back Step x 8 each

Assault Bike x 10cal

Station 3:

3 Minutes of:

KB Front Rack Squat x 8

Row x 10cal



A: Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch (knee) + Snatch 4 x 1+1+1 (87.5% of RM)

B: Snatch Pull (2″) + Snatch Pull – 4 x 2+3


5 Rounds:

Min 1:  Snatch x 5

Min 2: Deadlift x 5/10reps

Min 3: Bike x 10Cal

Min 4: Rest

Minute 2 the instructor will decide the rep range for you. The older in training age you are the more reps we will require.


A: Push Press + Split Jerk 5 x 1 + 3

B: Bench Press 6 x 8,6,6,4,15 @ 40×0

B2: DeFranco’s Batwings x 12


20 minutes of:

Every 5 minutes complete 3 rounds of:

Devils Press x 5

Over the Box Burpee x 8

The remainder of the 5 minutes complete Cals of Bike / Row /Ski, repeat 4 rounds


Every 2:30mins:

A: Deadlift – Conventional 5 x 6,6,4,4,15 @ 40×0


B: Hanging Leg / Knee raises 3 x 10

B2: Banded Pull Throughs 3 x 15


Teams of 2

Buy in: 800 m

Weighted Lunges x 100

3 Pull Ups, 3 Clean &-Jerk, 3 Burpees x 30 (one round, then swithch. 15 rounds each)

Weighted Lunges x 100

Buy out: 800 m run


18 minutes:

A: 7 rounds Bear complex:

  • 1 Power Clean
  • 1 Front Squat
  • 1 Push Press
  • 1 Back Squat
  • 1 Push Press

5 movements + 1 rounds, complete 3 times = 1 Set.

Now that we have been testing


5 Rounds For Time:

400 meter Run

15 Overhead Squats (42.5/30)

Please do make sure if you are recording this you take note if you use the arch wall or the flat targets on the rig. There is a big difference here!

These wods will be coming back around in a roughly 3-month cycle. Please record if you are looking at comparing!