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Crossfit Program: 06/5/19 – 12/5/19

Posted 5th May 2019 by Josh Schouten


It’s hard to believe we’re up to phase 5 of the year. May will bring some EMOM’s (Every minute on the minute, or thereabouts) and some time to try and express the foundations that we have built in Jan through April. A brief schedule will go like this:

Monday: Lower body with a work rest component in the WOD that will build week on week in difficulty.

Tuesday: Upper body with Bodyweight dominated WOD 10-15 mins in length.

Wednesday: Strength-based energy systems. We’ll be aiming to get warm 0:00-15:00 then have 20:00-40:00 mins of work to get through.

Thursday: CrossFit Gymnastics – Now with beginners and advanced components with Jenna and Anthony Masters

Friday: Upper body with set workloads to achieve in a time period

Saturday: Team and Partner workouts grab a partner and suffer together

Sunday: testing workouts and names WODs.

When we see testing of strength, some should choose wisely, staying within our means and experience (in the gym).

1RM (the amount you can lift for one repetition or 100% effort) is not the best test for a new member hence you will see a 5RM test next to it. As a newer trainee, it would be wise to stick to the 5s. The biggest kept secret to getting strong or fit for that matter is that consistency is key. Overcooking it on the 1RM testing is a great way to interrupt the flow of training. So let’s keep the lid on the cookie jars, just for now. Come the last week in the month we will blow the lid clean off and see what you have got.

Let’s get stuck in and reap the rewards. Remember, consistency is key.


Every minute complete (8 minutes):

A: Power Clean 4 x 4 @ 70-75%

B: Squat Clean 4 x 2 @ 70-75%

Every minute complete (4 minutes):

C: Back Squat w/ heel wedge 4 x 2 @ 75-80%

  • Move fast at these percentages.


3 Minutes of:

5 Thrusters

20 DU

Rest 2 minutes

3 Minutes of:

5 Power Cleans

20 DU

Rest 2 minutes

3 Minutes of:

5 Front Squats

20 DU

Rest 2 minutes

3 Minutes of:

5 Deadlifts

20 DU

Scale up or down on this one. Use a weight that you can work through the 4 rounds at a steady unbroken pace.


Every 2 mins complete one movement (20 minutes)

A: Bench Press 5 x 2 @ 20×0

A2: Ring Chin Up 5 x 2  @ 20×0

10 Minutes to complete:

B: DB Alternating Curl x 16 (total)

B2: Lying DB Tricep Extensions x 10


14 minutes of:

10 cals monostructural

10 burpee over the box

10 cals monostructural

75 DU or singles


EMOM 12 minutes

Power clean and press x 3

Russian kB swing x 8

Box jump x 5

Rest 3 minutes

EMOM 12 minutes

Clean high pull  from the knee x 5

Russian step up x 8 each leg

Rest a minute

Rest 3 minutes

12 minutes of:

strict pull ups x 5

Dips x 5

kB squat cleans x 10


Every 2 minutes complete:

A:  Split Jerk 6 x 2-3

Every 90 seconds complete one movement:

B: Push Press 4 x 6 @ 30×0

B2: Horizontal Ring Row 4 x 8


Starting Every 5 minutes complete, if not completed move on anyway:

Part A)

3 Rounds

Db Squat Cleans x 10

DU x 25

Part B)

3 Rounds of:

Db Thrusters x 10

DU x 25

Part C)

3 Rounds of:

Db Push press x 10

DU x 25

*Note once the 3 rounds are complete rest and begin once the clock ticks over. Challenge yourself with the weights you use. If you are getting 3 minutes to rest it is simply too easy.


Every 2:00mins:

A: Deadlift – Conventional 5 x 5,4,3,2,1 working to a comfortable 1


Teams of 3

100 squat cleans 70/45

Each time you complete a set of s.clean move to complete 15 Wall-balls. The third partner rests and chalks up to the subsequent rounds.

Rest 5 minutes, then complete.

3000m Row

100 Deadlifts @ Bodyweight

200 Walking Lunges

300 Air Squats

Partner 1 rows, Partner 2 starts deadlifts, Partner 3 rests. Complete all deadlifts before moving on to the lunges.



Please do make sure if you are recording this you take note if you use the arch wall or the flat targets on the rig. There is a big difference here!

These wods will be coming back around in a roughly 3-month cycle. Please record if you are looking at comparing!