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Barbell Club – June 2019

Posted 30th May 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell club


The last month of 2019’s first 5-month cycle is here.

It feels quite emotional to be coming to the end of this journey but we need to put these newly sculpted muscles to good use by moving onto strength in the next cycle.

In the meantime, June will balance out the huge pecs you grew in May by putting a big rump on your behind for the grand finale. (Biceps also feature prominently. Obvs).

If you have been consistent over these last five months you will be Ibiza ready by the end of this phase.


For those who are not keen on reading posts, I’m going to keep it simple this month.

June’s BBC will creep us along from this

Towards this



See you on the other side x


Barbell Club Programme – June 2019 pdf

Barbell Club Excel Spreadsheet to Record Weights Lifted


(If you have not read the blog posts of the last four months you can access them by searching ‘Barbell Club’ on the website. These provide a full explanation plus spreadsheets for the programming of this cycle).


p.s. Do the warm-ups properly!!