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Gymnastics Classes Competition – May – Results

Posted 4th June 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Before the team winners are announced below, some special mentions should be acknowledged:

Chris (6am, advanced): highest individual score of 8 rounds + 11 reps

Antoine (6am, intermediate): biggest individual improvement from the start of the month to the end, up from 8 rounds to 11.

Darragh and Roy (6am, advanced): biggest team improvement from the start of the month to the end, up from 10 rounds to 13.

Mauricio and Daniel (8am, advanced): entered a second week with an upscale: 11 rounds + 13 reps with all HSPU (x96) performed as strict reps (hands on floor) whilst maintaining the 30kg dead-ball runs

Anwar (8am, advanced): All 30 rope climbs performed with no feet and most HSPU performed strict whilst maintaining the 30kg dead-ball runs

Stuart (8am, intermediate 20kg dead-ball run but upscaled strength): All HSPU performed strict (x69) and all rope climbs completed with no feet (x48)

Giorgio (8am, intermediate 20kg dead-ball but upscaled strength): All HSPU performed strict (x64) and all rope climbs completed with no feet (x48)

Konrad (6.30pm, advanced): Completed it solo so not an official entry but within 21 minutes (rather than the 31 minutes prescribed) had achieved 5 rounds with a 1:1 run and reps ratio. That ratio is a huge disadvantage so it’s a massive achievement in that timeframe.


Coach’s win: getting Giorgio to do cardio. Just once. But it counts πŸ™‚


Now what we are all waiting for:

Note that all the winners below are listed according to the workout as prescribed with upscales not achieving extra points and downscales being ranked appropriately (i.e. more rounds with the easier movement is listed below fewer rounds with the harder movement). Where the score is close an explanation has been given in brackets.




Chris and Greg (6am): 14 rounds + 1 rep (hands on 10kg plates for HSPU, kipped)


Runners up

Mauricio and Daniel (8am): 14 rounds + 16 reps (hands on floor for HSPU, kipped)

Rob and Chris (6am): 12 rounds + 24 reps (hands on 10kg plates, kipped)

Darragh and Roy (6am): 13 rounds (hands on floor, kipped)

Daniel and Anwar (8am): 11 rounds + 19 reps (hands on floor, kipped)

Daniel and Jerry (6am): 8 rounds + 19 reps

Adam and Stuart (6am): 8 rounds

A big thank you to AK for being the mascot for 6am and to Richard for 8am!




Ian and Brendan (8am): 18 rounds + 12 reps


Runners up

Tom D and Loake (6am): 18 rounds

Harriet and Antoine (6am): 16 rounds + 14 reps

Stuart and Giorgio (8am): 16 rounds + 5 reps

Tom T and Michael (6am): 16 rounds + 5 reps

Onur and Antoine (6am): 15 rounds + 11 reps

Tim and Svente (8am): 12 rounds + 9 reps (first time ever doing rope climbs! Well done)




Tom B and James H (6am): 21 rounds + 8 reps


Runners up

Elena and Hannah (6am): 10 rounds + 4 reps (full rope climbs)

Thomas and Mark (8am): 10 rounds (full rope climbs)

Jet and Aline dream team (8am): 13 rounds +12 reps (scaled rope climbs)


For outsiders reading this you should be aware that some of the more advanced people spent the whole month practicing their skills and strategies with the goal of improving workout performance whereas others spent all but the last week of the month working on a separate strength programme (since this was more essential for them) and participated in the workout only in the last week as their first attempt.


Well done to everyone! Great achievements all round, in addition to a little spice in the atmosphere, as 6am chased 8am to make a statement about their runner-up status last year! Can 8am pull it back again? Stay tuned for June x