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Barbell Club – July 2019

Posted 29th June 2019 by Jenna Fisher

The new 5-month cycle begins this month.


After 5-months of focussing on endurance and hypertrophy, you will now move to strength.

Each month will focus on one main lift, to be performed on three of the four days, with the other main lifts featuring once per week.


Each month’s main lift will be:

July – bench press

August – squat

September – shoulder press and pull up

October – deadlift

November – all lifts working towards 1RM


This lift will appear as the A exercise on days 1, 2 and 3. It will lead with heavy sets of 3 on day 1, sets of 6 on day 2, and higher reps in a superset on day 3. These sets have much rest so that you can build the weight.

For example:

Day 1

A. Bench press 6×3

Day 2

A. Incline bench press 5×6

Day 3

A1. Floor chest press 4×7-9

A2. Cable chest flye 4×11-14

Day 4

A. (A different muscle group)


The B exercises will cover the other muscle groups. These will also be low reps (sets of 2-3) but will be for a high number of sets (15-20) and completed in an EMOM. You will be performing two lifts (i.e. squat and dip) within every minute. There is not much rest so you will sweat.

The C exercises give a finishing burn with high reps and little rest.

Day 4 now progresses from being a remedial day to bigger lifts and lots of arms and abs.


At the end of the cycle, you will have the opportunity to do your annual 1RM test. Since many people have already beaten their best within the hypertrophy cycle there is much to look forward to after these months of strength.

You will need to note your 1RM achievements since the first 5-month cycle in the new year will follow a Juggernaut strength programme. To be effective it is essential that this works on percentages from an accurate and recent 1RM.


If you have any questions please do feel welcome to ask me.

In the meantime, July’s programme can be downloaded here:

Barbell Club Programme – July 2019 pdf

Note the new warm up and the changes to the allocated session days.

A log sheet to record your progress can be accessed here:

Barbell Club – Record of Weights Lifted excel 



Jenna x