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Heavy Metcon 10/7/2019

Posted 8th July 2019 by Geoff Stewart


This is an advanced class. The main lifts are with barbells. You must know how to perform these movements without instruction and be confident in holding form whilst under fatigue. Other than that, all are welcome!

Its another great week and another opportunity to test yourselves, get hot and bothered and eat some more.

Warm up…. I now I say warm up but I really do mean it you need to be mobile, muscles working, nervous system primed and mentally tuned for the below.

Part 1.

You should choice a tasty weight for this one, we are looking at an Rx of 80/50kg, you should be able to move from movement to movement without putting the BB down and there shouldn’t be any failed reps.

16min EMOM


1xHang power clean

1xSplit jerk


Part 2.

This should get your breathing and hot under your lifting belts.

8 rounds

12x Db press up and rows

18x KB swings

24x Cals -mono-structural

Rest 90sec