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Crossfit Program: 15/07/19 – 21/07/19

Posted 15th July 2019 by Josh Schouten

July we are going to see some more EMOM styles workouts throughout the training week where we will be using submaximal weights to get some speeds on the bars and also get a little bit of conditioning in as well. Please be wary of the weights that we choose and make sure the weight resemble the ones you need, not the person next to you.

During this month if you feel that your mobility is lacking, head over to our Mobility session Thursday morning at 7 am with Anthony Masters. Likewise, if you feel like your rowing could do with a touch of class head over to Friday evenings @ 6:30 pm with Luka to get a lesson from an Olympic Gold medalist. He’ll point you in the right direction on the Rower.

As we are heading over to some heat please do make sure we are hydrated before / during and after sessions. We would recommend drinking 3% of your body weight in litres. I.e. 100kg person x.03 = 3L. This would be on the low end for any given person. Please aim for this as a minimum.

Take care folks.


Monday: Power / Hang Cleans & Jerk, Back Squats + Mono Structural

Tuesday: OHS, Split Jerks, Bench Press + DB WODS

Wednesday: Strength-based energy systems. We’ll be aiming to get warm 0:00-15:00 then have 20:00-40:00 mins of work to get through.

Thursday: CrossFit Gymnastics – Now with beginners and advanced components with Jenna and Anthony Masters

Friday: Snatch + Snatch High Pulls + Segmented Snatch Pulls + Mono Structural

Saturday: Team and Partner workouts grab a partner and suffer together.

Sunday: Clean Preparation and Complex. Testing workouts and names WODs.


EVERY 2 minutes complete for 24 minutes.

A: Floating Power Clean + Hang Clean + Split Jerk  8 x 1+1+1

B: Back Squat 3 x 3 (don’t worry about tempo or weight but we should be moving fast, see Anthony’s post here  as an example. With these, we will be looking for a controlled descent and speed, speed and more speed on the way up.


18 minutes continuous

Row / Ski / Bike – Max Cals

Every 3 minutes complete:

Barbell GTOH x 5

WallBall x 10

*Start in waves so not everyone is coming off the equipment at the same time.



A: Close Grip OHS 4 x 4

B: Split Jerk 4 x 4

C: 45* DB Bench Press 4 x 8*

C2: TRX “Y” rear delt fly x 10*

Complete both C’s in 2 minutes


4 rounds:

KB Snatch x 10 (5+5)

KB Push Press x 10 (5+5)

KB Swing x 10

KB Bent Over Row x 10

Press Ups x 10

Run x 250m

Rest 120 seconds after each set.

*Use double KB if you can, singles if not and split the reps between left and right.


Rolling EMOM 20min

Min 1: Clean & Jerk x 2

Min 2: DU x 25-50

Min 3: DB Deadlifts x 5-8

Min 4: Dip x 5-8

Min 5: Rest

Complete 4 minutes at each movement before moving on.

6 Min EMOM

Even: TTB – TTR x 10

Odd: Burpee x 8-12

6 Min EMOM

Even:  Ski x 10-15cal

Odd: D-Bal GTOS x 8-10

6 Min EMOM

Even: DB Snatch x 8+8

Odd: Walking Lunge x 16-20

Resting 1 Minute between each 6-minute block.


EVERY 2 minutes complete for 24 minutes.

A: Snatch High Pull + Floating Power Sn + Floating Sn 7 x 2+1+1

B: Segmented Snatch Grip Deadlift 4 x 1+1+1


5 rounds of:

2-4 x Clusters

30 strokes on the Rower.

Rest 2 Minutes

Total is the distance rowed! Make each stroke count and record meters after 30 strokes.



Row 10,000m

– Rotate every 3 mins –

Remanding 3 members complete rounds of below in a YGIG fashion (complete 1 whole round, then change)

5 x Deadlift (heavy)

3-5 x Rope Climb

10 x D-ball GTOS

* Aim to have 2 strong Rowers in each group, mix up the abilities and have different bars set up! If you row at an average of 2:00/500m it will take 40 minutes to complete.


Please note that we will be going back through the workouts over the last 3 months and re-doing these to compare times. We will do this until it’s complete. Each week you will see the date in which it was last completed the first time. If it’s your first time, get stuck in and record the time, if it’s your aim. If not have some fun getting a sweat on.




4 x 400m Sprints

Your score is the average time it takes. I.e. record all 4 efforts and divide by 4 to get an average.

Rest 10 minutes (active stretching and set up for part B


20 minutes AMRAP

Select Cardio Equipment

After every 4 minutes complete:

3 Rounds of:

10 DB Push Press (medium)

10 Russain Kb Swings (medium)

Start on your piece of cardio equipment.

Your score is the distance made over the 20 minutes.

Please do make sure if you are recording this you take note if you use the arch wall or the flat targets on the rig. There is a big difference here!