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Barbell Club – August 2019

Posted 31st July 2019 by Jenna Fisher

August is the second month of this five-month cycle. Three days per week of bench press now moves to three days of squats, for your ‘A’ exercise focus (sumo deadlifts on the fourth day). Reps remain low so that you can increase the weight and build strength. That said, take note that on the third day the focus should be position and not load so do not go heavy here.

The ‘B’ exercise EMOMs move from two exercises every minute to two exercises every 90 seconds, and your bench press now switches with the squat to move in here. (Note that on the fourth day it is one exercise every 90 seconds).

The single-arm dumbbell overhead squat should only be performed by those with the mobility to achieve the correct position and range. If this is not you just yet then complete split squats instead to help to improve your mobility (still with the dumbbell overhead if you can achieve the correct position). For people somewhere in the middle you could do box steps ups instead (again still with the dumbbell overhead if you can).

Work consistently and you will achieve the results x

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