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August 2019 Crossfit training program

Posted 3rd August 2019 by Geoff Stewart


So, it’s a bit of a change around for August’s training plan which kicks of on Moday 5thand takes you all the way through to Sunday 1st. So why is a bit of a change? Its the month where a lot of you peeps are of flashing your booties and you hard earned gains on the beech’s of the Mediterranean or even further afield. This doesn’t mean we close the doors and turn of the lights…. NO NO we just mix it up a little bit and put together a shorter training block.


As your aware we do like a good training program and spend a good amount of time on them and every few months we like to revaluate, re focus and share some thoughts on the way ahead and some of our thinking and inspiration.


This is the paragraph were I crack on about momentum training and CrossFit being a non-specialist, non-specific training program and that we are all generalist in training terms and that our program is not designed as a 12 week body shred or booty builder program (is does and can have that effect if you pick and choose classes wisely and do your accessory works) over the last few years as well as seeing some amazing results at  Momentum training there has also been a positive, we believe realignment from CFHQ with more of  a focus on the health continuum with a greater focus on general levels of fitness, the health benefit of CrossFit, longevity of training and exercise, metal health ( this as we have been shown over the years is possibly one of the greatest benefit we can offer) and yes make you look good naked etc. This is as well as the high-end games focus, we still do love to watch a good CF competition (This very weekend the CF games are taking place) and the top athletes throwing down we even throw in few of our own in house comp’s and get stuck in to some local stuff. The elite CF athlete shows amazing levels of skill, fitness and capacity and give us all something to strive for. We at momentum training like to focus on fitness in its roundest form and believe true fitness is a long game with lots of shorter focus adjustments and re-evaluations on the way. IN our programming we aim to give you all a good basic (actually is pretty fucking great) skill level in all things lifting. We give you an understanding of work capacity and how hard you can push yourselves if needed, how a balanced healthy fitness programming should look like and the benefits, A programming that ill enable you to have congeal long term gains through varies training domains.We aim not to break you and spend a lot of time looking at risk to reward in our programming. WE aim to have a laugh ,enjoy ourselves, make some friends and go home happy.


If you’re having some time out this month, lying on a beach contemplating your belly button have a thing about what you’re looking to get out of your training next session let your coaches now and let’s do it..


Good luck and enjoy yourselves