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CrossFit Carnival – Heats, Partners, Teams, Layout, and Judges

Posted 4th August 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Everything you need to know before Saturday’s Carnival/Competition, Burgers and Beers, 10th August, 12.30pm.

(If you have not yet registered and would like to come please contact me asap at [email protected]).

Please click below and look at the competition pdf document so that you know what you are doing.

Click Here for List of Heats, Partners, Teams, Layout, Judges, and Agenda 


The document provides the following information:

– Agenda for the day.

– Your heat number and judge (and who you will be judging) for 1.1 and 1.2.

Please note that the heats had to be allocated based on the most appropriate for workout 2. This was then copied over to workouts 1.1/1.2. This is because a) workout 2 is a partner workout, and b) some people had to enter a different level for workout 1.2 (gymnastics) than they did for the weightlifting (1.1 and 2). If the heats were allocated from workout 1.1 and copied forwards this would mean that some people would not get any rest between workout 1.2 and 2. This is why they had to be allocated first for workout 2 and then copied back to the 1s to ensure that everyone gets rest.

The reason I am explaining this is so that you do not decide to change your heat without speaking to me first, since this could cause problems to the layout and execution. It may appear nonsensical when looking at the heat split for workouts 1.1 and 1.2 but this is for a reason. You will feel that reason (no rest) if you go in the wrong heat.

– The layout for 1.2 – In the table diagram space is indicated for each person and where the equipment each person will be using will be set up in that space. There is one diagram for Heat 1 and one for Heat 2.

Names are not given on this sheet – just P1 (Person 1) through to P26 (Heat 1) or P28 (Heat 2). (Mascots are not listed as they will be doing adapted workouts). You can see where you will be based depending on what level you are doing. For example, in Heat 1 there are 7 MU and HSPU areas allocated in the diagram for P1 to P7. If you are in the advanced group you will know that you can choose one of those indicated spaces. Do not try to use the rings in any other part of the gym otherwise you will mess up the space and equipment that the other levels have been allocated.

– Your partner and judge for workout 2.

Staff will be participating in the judging here to make sure that the squats hit the full range of movement.

– Your team for workout 3.

Due to the volume of people who have entered, there are now 4 teams of 14 people each for this workout, rather than the original two planned. This will be judged by the staff.

-Your team for workout 4. 

There are 11 teams of 5 people. (Six teams will go in Heat 1 and five teams in Heat 2). Team 1 in Heat 1 will judge Team 1 in Heat 2 and vice versa. One person for each person. You must not judge the person in their team who is doing the same movement as you. Pick any of the other four movements to judge (otherwise you have an unfair advantage by knowing how many reps you need to beat).

-Number crunching to confirm that we have enough equipment. We do, as long as none of it goes missing, like the mysterious disappearance of the glute crab-walk bands.


I have specifically tried to make it as social as possible by allocating you to partner/team/judge people who you have not met before as well as those who you are in class with every week.

Enjoy x