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Gymnastics Meets the CrossFit Games, August to November, 2019

Posted 7th August 2019 by Jenna Fisher

There are three items on the agenda for our blog post today:

-Results from the July class competition

-The CrossFit games workouts you will be completing over the next four months (adapted where appropriate)

-The August programme

Some amazing results from the July workouts.

-Antoine achieved the biggest improvement of the month by reducing his time for workout one (10, 8, 6, 4 strict muscle-ups + 250 squats) by six minutes over the month, from 16 minutes down to 10 minutes. This was also the fastest time for that version of the workout.

-Darragh and Chris both did 5, 10, 15, 20 muscle-ups (plus the 250 squats) and reduced their times by nearly three minutes, down to 14.20 and 14.22 respectively.

-Onur achieved the fastest time and biggest improvement for the 15, 15, 10, 10 (strict) pull-up and dip version (plus the 250 squats) from over 13 minutes down to 10.40.

-A big shout out to James Ha for graduating from beginner to intermediate and hitting a first attempt of 15.50 for the pull-up and dip version of the workout.

-Anwar took the title for the second workout with one drop from the bar to get the 6 mins cumulated. To top it off he did extra time to hit 8 mins in total. He achieved this with a 3-minute hold, the 800m run + 30 push-ups penalty for dropping down from the bar, and then a 5-minute unbroken hold to finish.

Well done to everyone who took part – you all got some great results 🙂


The CrossFit Games workouts

The 2019 CrossFit Games has completed with Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey taking the titles again. It had some great gymnastics workouts so over the next four months we will be replicating one per month in class (with appropriate scales and adjustments where needed).

August will include one of the smaller Games’ workouts as a warm-up. This will be completed after the pushing workout we had already planned. The pushing workout aims to a) improve your gymnastics pushing by pre-exhausting with bench press, and b) give your elbows a rest from the last few months of pulling for muscle-ups. September, October, and November will include full Games’ workouts. The “Second Cut” – handstand walk – is scheduled for November to allow time to practice and improve beforehand.


Monthly schedule for the workouts:


“Sprint Couplet”

172ft sled push (52m)

18 bar muscle-ups

172ft sled push



“Split Triplet”

5 rounds

1 pegboard ascent (we will do x3 rope climbs instead)

100 double unders

10 DB hang split snatch (55/80lb = 25kg/36kg)

10 DB hang clean and jerk (55/80lbs)



“Second Cut”

800m row

66 KB jerk 12/16kg

132ft handstand walk (40m)


The workouts are listed as prescribed for the Games. Adjustments will be made to reps/weight/movements as appropriate for each group.

Feel free to use some class time between now and then to improve any of these movements.


August Programme 



A. Choose what you would like to practice – handstand walks or back levers


B. For time: “John Florio”, scaled up to:

10 bench press @bodyweight

10-20 HSPU – hands on 10kg plates (the first week start with 10 reps and build up to 20 over the month)

15 bench press @.75 bodyweight

20-30 ring dips (build as above)

20 bench press @.5 bodyweight

30-40 push-ups (build as above)




C. CrossFit Games, 2019 – “Ringer 1”

30-20-10 Assault bike cals and toe-to-rings



A. Choose what you would like to practice – handstand walks or ring/bar muscle-ups

Then you have the choice of either working on the strength programme for the month or joining in the workouts with the advanced group, scaled to your level.


B. For time: “John Florio”, as prescribed:

10 bench press @bodyweight (or scale the weight to something appropriate)

10 ring dips

20 bench press @.75 bodyweight

20 ring dips

30 bench press @.5 bodyweight

30 ring dips




C. CrossFit Games, 2019 – “Ringer 1”

30-20-10 Assault bike cals and toe-to-rings (or scale to 20-15-10)



August Intermediate Strength Programme 

A1. Paused ring chin-ups – pause on the scapula squeeze at the bottom before the pull and again on the squeeze at the top as you start the descent. Pick a rep range that is achievable for 5-7 sets. Better to do less well than to do more not so well. If you can do some of these in a false grip then please do.

B1. Straight arm false grip hang 3x30sec

C1. Scott curl – heavy – 5×5-7 @4010

C2. Wall facing handstand hold (or partner assisted handstand hold) 3×30-60sec

D1. Cuban rotation 3×8-10 @4010

D2. P-bar tuck hold 3x30sec



A. Continue your individualised progressions from the previous months’ beginners’ strength programmes.

Or complete the workouts with the other groups with the following scales:


B. For time: “John Florio”, scaled

10 bench press @a weight achievable for you

10 push-ups/push ups on a box

20 bench press @a weight achievable for you

20 push-ups/push ups on a box

30 bench press @a weight achievable for you

30 push-ups/push ups on a box




C. CrossFit Games, 2019 – “Ringer 1” (scaled)

15-10-5 Assault bike cals and toe-to-rings (/knee raises)


Have a great month x