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Heavy Metcon 7/7/2019

Posted 7th August 2019 by Geoff Stewart


This is an advanced class you need to competent with your basic lifts and able to work with out much coaching. We can scale all workout so if you feel brave and want to try it out please check in with the coach. Good Luck.

Warm up -because its good for you

This isn’t designed as a heavy ass workout its designed to be smooth, be mindful of your breathing and your form.

12min EMOM – light and smooth please -the bar is enough

5x deadlifts

5x power cleans

5x push jerks


3min Mono-structural


12min EMOM -medium and smooth please

3x deadlift

3x power clean

3x push jerk


3min Mono-structural


12min EMOM -heavier but still smooth plese

1x deadlift

1x power clean

1x split jerk


3min Mono-structural


6min E30seconds on 30seconds

1x power clean and split jerk – naughty.