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Crossfit training program 19/8/2019 -25/8/209

Posted 18th August 2019 by Geoff Stewart


Week 3 of our August training program.

Its a similar story to last week we want you to work hard feel the groove make some gains and have fun please.


Monday: Clean and jerk getting heavy and some big numbers

Tuesday: Structural balance and love those hamstrings.

Wednesday: Upper body work and a muscle burn.

Thursday: Gymanstics -magic

Friday: Snatching and a partner smash up.

Saturday: Thruster and a work rest partner workout.

Sunday: Some “HERO” shit going down the “ARTIE”.


12 minutes to build to a comfortable weight

A: squat or power clean + split Jerk x (1+1)


5 sets on the 2 mins -build weight

B: Hang power clean + floating Clean and press x 2+2


12 Min AMRAP -breath


25 x Weight Plate GTOH

25 x Ring rows

Rest 1 min


25 x KB Swing

25 x DU or 45seconds



12min to complete

A1.  Heels Elevated Back Squat 4 x 5 @ 3311

A2. RFE Split Squat 4 x 8 @3011 :90



B1. Db 24x walking lunges

B2. 12x press ups on Db



6x AKB swings 32/20

6x burpees

rest 1 min


6elx split jumps or alt rev lunges


rest 1min



20 min to find technical weight

A. Push Jerk + Split Jerk 2 + 2



B1. 12x Bench press @3010

B2. 12x ring rows


15 mins

4 Rounds of:

3 Mins work 1 min Rest

HSPU or Push Press x 7 (45/35)

TTB or TTR x 7





20 Mins To establish a comfortable weight:

A: Snatch Pull + Sn + OHS 1+1+1


Every 2:30

B: Front Squat 4 x 6 @ 3011

B: FRE Split Squat 3 x 8 @3011

This is NOT a Bulgarian split squat.


16min AMRAP

working with a partner alt

Run 200mtrs

alt Db snatches 6ea rx 22.5/15



Every 2 min for 14min

A. Deadlift @70% 7x 3 @ 2110


20 Minutes of:

In Pairs accumulating rounds


3 Power Cleans -rx 50/30

5 Pull Ups -scale as needed

10 Press Ups – scale as needed

15 Air Squats

P1 Completes 1 round of the above. SO does P2. Next round P1 completes 2 rounds as does P2. Until 4 Rounds are completed. Then working back down to 1 or a 20minute time cap.




alt work with a partner

12xDb deadlifts

6x Db hang cleans

3x Db push press


“hero workout”


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

5 pull-ups

10 thrusters, 45/30


5min accumulated plank hold, if you have solid plank alt shoulder taps