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Crossfit program 26th/7/2019 -1st/8/2019

Posted 25th August 2019 by Geoff Stewart




Week 4 of our August training program.

Again a similar story to last week layout and format. Its our final week in August so let see what we got.


Monday: Clean and jerk getting heavy and use your rest.

Tuesday: Structural balance and heavy cuddles.

Wednesday: Upper body work and a just suck it up.

Thursday: Gymnastics -mystical magic

Friday: Snatching and keep it smooth.

Saturday: Deadlifts and a “tailspin”.

Sunday: “MeterMaid”.



12 minutes to build to a comfortable weight

A: squat or power clean + Jerk x (1+1)


5 sets on the 2 mins -build weight

B: Power clean + floating Clean and press x 1+2


4x2min rounds with 2min rest between rounds

1.ME burpee box jumps

2.ME hang clean and press 45/30

3. ME row for distance

4. ME Db STOH 20/12.5



12min to complete

A1. Heels Elevated Back Squat 4 x 5 @ 3X11

A2. FFE Split Squat 4 x 8el @3011 :90



B1. Db 24 walking lunges

B2. 12x ring press ups (scales)


12min ME

KB strongman cuddle and step up x12el

double handed KB OHP alt sides x12


4min work

caterpillar walks to plank hold for 10seconds



20 min to find technical weight

A. Push Jerk + Split Jerk 2 + 2 -1+1 NO MISSES



B1. 12x Bench press @3010

B2. 12x ring rows


Start anywhere but make sure to follow the order. 2 rounds running clock.

Row x2mins

Db devil press x2min

Bike x2 mins

Db plank rows x2min

Ski erg x2mins

D ball ground to chest x2mins





20 Mins To establish a comfortable weight:

A: Snatch Pull + Sn + OHS 1+1+1


Every 2:30

B1. Front Squat 4 x 4 @ 3011

B2. RFE Split Squat 3 x 6el @3011

This is NOT a Bulgarian split squat.


6min AMRAP

High hang power snatch x6 45/30 or bar only

Squats jump x12 -your feet MUST leave the floor


6min AMRAP

High hang power snatch x12 bar only

Air squats x24



Every 2 min for 14min

A. Deadlift @70% 7x 3 @ 2110


Working with a partner YGIG full rounds AFAP


? rounds each -if you can in the time left?

15 Thrusters 45/30

30/60 Double under’s /singles

15 Pull-ups or ring rows

30/60 Double under’s /singles



16 mins work

6x power cleans

12x air squats

6x push press

12x press ups

rest 1min after each full round


“Meter Maid”

For Time:

200 Meter Run

27 Wallballs (14/10)

27 Box Jumps (24/20)

200 Meter Run

21 Wallballs (14/10)

21 Box Jumps (24/20)

200 Meter Run

15 Wallballs (14/10)

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

200 Meter Run

9 Wallballs (14/10)

9 Box Jumps (24/20)

200 Meter Run