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Heavy Metal Club

Posted 28th August 2019 by Josh Schouten

                                                 ??⚡️ -HEAVY METAL CLUB- ??⚡️

A sublime blend of wanting to hurl all over the gym and creating the type of physique and mind destined for the likes of Valhalla.

When you look up gains in the dictionary it says…

By the beard of Zeus get your nose outta this book and get your ass into Heavy Metal Club fool!??⚡️

September 2nd sees the birth of Heavy Metal Club (HMC) at Momentum. Monday evenings 7:30 pm and Friday 6:30 pm will be your time to drink some of gods thunder before you get under a barbell.

This class is designed for more advanced lifters however all abilities are welcome with the condition that you can listen, you’ve completed your level one foundations and have been lifting/training consistently for at least 3 months.

In class, you’ll experience a sweet and tantalising blend of powerlifting and weightlifting concocted to bring out your inner beast and create a body so strong mount Olympus will be calling.

Programmes will run for 8 weeks with structured progressions working towards goals mutually agreed on in class and by the class and coach.

On Mondays, you’ll have 60 mins to train and on Fridays, you’ll be given 90 mins to have your soul shaken and your body rebuilt through the power of fire and ice.

Be prepared for strong banter, big tunes, ferocious WODS and a community spirit that will make you wanna live in the gym.

If you fancy a change and the opportunity to build that body armour up through a different channel, come along on Mondays and Fridays and get your fine self involved.

If you have more questions get in touch with me on Instagram @happysauvage