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Crossfit Program 2nd September -8th September 2019

Posted 1st September 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 1 of 12 . This new training phase will be broken down into three four week blocks each block will have a 3 week training block and exercise patterns with 1 week test or as we are calling it a weird week. Week 1 is about settling into the new program cycle. Many of you will now the exercise and you lifting numbers, so get involved, if your unsure about any exercise or what weights or numbers you should be aiming for, ask your coach. The keys to this week (and every other week) is like a good Disco dancing always practice good movement.

Good luck be brave pull up your socks.

Monday – Cleans and 3mins work

Tuesday – Bench press and postiria chain

Wednesday -Conditioning 

Thursday -unicorn stuff

Friday – Deadlift and “hit and run”

Saturday – Snatch and 4mins work

Sunday – Fractured Cindy


20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A Power clean, hang squats clean and front squats 1+1+2


10 mins every 2.30

B1.  Back squats 4×7 @3010

B2 Pull ups 4×5-7 @3101


4x3min work 1min to change

C1 6x Box jumps

C2 6eax Db prone rows


D. Row or ski erg

*half class start on boxes half on rowing



15mins to complete

A1 Bench press 5×5-7

A2 RDL 5×5-7


12mins YGIG

B1 Db push press x12

B2 Rev drop lunges x12 (6el)


12min -Ladder -2,4,6,8,10 >

Press ups

Rkb swings 24/20



Banded tricep ext x50

as few sets as possible



Working in a YGIG format

12min or 6 Rounds each

A1  High Hang squat Snatch / Power Sn x5

A2 Assault Bike x 30 seconds

Rest 4mins

12min or 6 Rounds each

B1  High Hang Clean / Power Clean x7

B2  Row 30seconds

Rest 4 mins

12min or 5 Rounds each

C1  Thrusters x9

C2 Ski erg -30sec

*if you finish your 6round before the 12min time cap enjoy the extra rest. You’ll be using the same bar and same weight throughout this workout.


Thursday -unicorn stuff



15min to complete

A1  Deadlifts 5×5-7

A2 Strict OH press 5×5-7ea (racks)


12min EMOM follow the leader

B1 Ball slams 6 (not to heavy)

B2 Box step ups 6el


“Hit and Run”

3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

12x HSPU / Dips or press ups

24 Rkb swings 32/20



20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A 3 position paused snatch grip DL, power or squats snatch and OH squats 1+1+2


10 mins YGIG EMOM

B1 3x power snatch @ 70%A

B2 6x BW jump squats


Working with a Partner 4x4min work 1min to change

C1 12xBox jumps

C2 Heavy D-ball strongman hold

Partner hold D-ball whilst P1 does box jumps


D Bike, Row or ski erg

*30sec on 30sec off -ouch



12min KB complex

12x RKb swing

12x alt BOR

12x goblet squats

12xalt clean n press

rest 1min


Run 400mtrs

7x rounds “Cindy”

Row 400mtrs

5x rounds “cindy”

Run 400mtrs

3x rounds “cindy”

Row 400mtrs

1x rounds “cindy”

Run 400mtrs



5x pull ups

10x press ups

15x air squats