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Gymnastics – September 2019

Posted 1st September 2019 by Jenna Fisher

September is the second month of your opportunity to attempt some of the 2019 CrossFit Games workouts:

August – Ringer 1

September – Sprint Couplet

October – Split Triplet

November – Second Cut


There were some amazing results in August for Ringer 1.

Darragh (6am) won with a time of 5.23.

Sam: 5.28. Mauricio: 5.29. Daniel E: 5.50. Onur: 6.23. Antoine: 6.24. Kevin: 6.34. Charlie and Rob: 6.39. Julian: 7.10. Anwar: 7.18. Chris and Michael: 8

Tegan (winning female!): 9.22

Even more impressive were your improvements over the month. Sam knocked 1.32 off his time. Darragh 1.22, Rob 1.19. Huge achievement.

For info, the CrossFit Games fastest time for this workout was 3.47 πŸ™‚


The Hero WOD also achieved massive results.

Julian (8am) won with a time of 9.45 (despite an increase in weight on the Rx bench press!). Daniel E came second with 9.52, at Rx bench press weight.

Anwar improved his time by 3 mins 45 secs to take third at 10 mins 45 secs. He performed Rx the first week to record his opening time, up-scaled the weight to make the workout harder in weeks 2 and 3, and then went back down to Rx again to re-test in the last week.

And Sam improved his time by 2 minutes 58 seconds (15.43 down to 12.45), whilst increasing the difficulty of the gymnastics component to 20/30/40 reps for the HSPU/dips/push ups.


So, on to September:


Note: you are not expected to get through all of this in every class. Pick the options most relevant for you or mix and match throughout the month. Start times will be staggered for the Sprint Couplet so some people may do this first before the handstand walks. Beginners: continue to work on your chin up and dip strength programmes – your coach will progress you individually. The same applies for those who are still locking in muscle ups for the first time.


A. 20 mins to practice handstand walks (or another gymnastics movement of your choice)


B. Sprint Couplet from the CrossFit Games 2019

For time:

172 ft sled push (5.4 lengths of the track in the big room)

18 bar muscle up*

172 ft sled push

*Can scale to 18 ring muscle up; or 18 strict pull ups; or 18 ring rows and 9 push ups x3.


C. 15 minute AMRAP

5 HSPU (can scale up to deficit, or down to feet on box)

5 TTB or butterfly pull up (can scale up to both, or down to knee raises)

5 Pistol squats, each leg (can scale down to assisted options)


D. 10 min Ab burnout

You can scale this up or down – to be decided as appropriate for the individual. You can also mix it up each week to change to side planks, or hollow dish, etc.

30 sec plank

10 ab roll outs

45 sec plank

15 ab roll outs

60 sec plank

20 ab roll outs

75 sec plank

30 sit ups

90 sec plank

40 sit ups