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Mobility September

Posted 2nd September 2019 by Anthony Masters

Hey everyone, good work to all, especially many regulars &  newcomers. Good to see people notice the positive crossover effect that training mobility has on the rest of their training & lives in general.

Since the beginning, I have been making the classes more & more challenging in different ways as the months went on. Reason being many of you have been grasping the concepts super fast so it made sense. Having said that i know for newcomers it can be hard to grasp the concepts & terminology I use from a single class making it easy to get lost, especially when I start talking about CARS, PAILS & RAILS, Intensities etc etc. So for the last week I will revisit the basics, drop the intensities and also add some new stuff for everyone. This will be a great refresher for regulars but as well a good opportunity for newcomers to get a better understanding on how to apply various techniques that are used in class.

So for the month of September the mobility classes are going to have a similar structure as the last few months. There will be 1 focused class looking to improve the upper body alignment portion for the handstand. We will be doing some serious work to open up the latts and wrists in order to improve the overhead position.

The Spine class will be combined with full morning routine CARS, what we do in the warm up, this time revisiting basics, playing with intensities, exploring and addressing individual sticking points. The spinal section will look at some basic spinal segmentation techniques to improve independent articulation of the joints.

The other 2 classes will be full body addressing what the majority need (shoulders, spine & hips) and taking what we have already learnt in the last few months to the next level. I suggest bringing your book of swear words to let off some steam as you will feel beaten up during these classes but you have my word you will leave feeling much better for days after. As a side note Leticia that helped out last week will be covering the first week for me, She plans on using a very similar method to me, i know this class will help anyone wanting to improve their squat, deadlift, muscle up but there will also be a touch of new stuff… probably stuff i am crap at, so try to make it down it will be a good one.


Wk 1- full body, hip flexors & shoulder extension work, pelvis mobility/ stability work

Wk 2- upper body handstand speciality class (latts, shoulders, spine & wrists) 

Wk 3- full body, shoulder & hip internal/ external rotation focused for joint health (the basics never get old)

Wk 4- CARS & Spine focused class (using morning CARS as a strength training stimulus vs warm up)


Ant x