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Crossfit Program 16th-22nd September

Posted 15th September 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 3 of 12 . Week 3, you get the idea and you’ll all now the exercise format, so lets test out those lifting numbers. Remember we don’t practise failed lifts, we should be making all our lifts. If your failing for a technical reason ask your coach for pointers, if you failing becasuse you trying to lift to much weight, check that ego and take some weight of.

Good luck be brave pull up your socks.

Monday – Cleans and 3min and 3min ME

Tuesday – Bench press and lunging

Wednesday -Conditioning 6 rounds and 6mins

Thursday -Unicorn stuff

Friday – Deadlift and reps and run

Saturday – Snatch and “360degrees”.

Sunday – “Double fist”.. yes its called double fist…..


20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A Power clean, squats clean and front squats 1+1+2


10 mins every 2.30

B1 Back squats 4×7 @3010

B2 Pull ups 4×5-7 @3101



ME D-ball GTOS

Rest 3min


ME Burpee pull ups


Burpee and Jump pull ups



15mins to complete

A1 Bench press 5×5-7

A2 RDL 5×5-7


12mins YGIG

B1 Db push press x12

B2 Rev drop lunges x12 (6el)


15min work – Running clock

Min1 Db Walking lunges

Min2 T2B

Min3 Db Walking lunges

Min4 Mountain climbers

Min5 Rest



Working in a YGIG format

6 rounds each

A High Hang Snatch/Power Sn x5

2min to reset

6 mins

B Assault bike or ski erg x1min

2min to reset

6 rounds each

C High Hang Clean/Power Clean x7

2min to reset


E Row or ski erg 1min

2min to reset

6 rounds

F Thrusters x9

2min to reset


G Bike or Ski erg -1min

*you’ll be using the same bar and weight throughout this workout


In the remaining time alt with your partner rear alley double KB farmers carry.


Thursday-unicorn days



15min to complete

A1. Deadlifts 5×5-7

A2. Strict OH press 5×5-7ea



B1 6-8x dips / HR press ups

B2 6elx Box step ups


4 rounds

6x Power Cleans 85/60

12x Burpees

18x TTB

200m Run



20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A 3position paused snatch grip DL, power or squats snatch and OH squats 1+1+2


10 mins YGIG EMOM

B1 3x power snatch

B2 6x jump squats


“360 degrees”

10 RFT YGIG complete rounds

30 Double unders or 45seconds skipping

3 Hang Power Cleans 50 / 30

2 Hang Squat Clean

1 Thruster



Movement stuff -10mins

Bear walk x1length

Caterpillars x1

Side bears x1

Baby makers x60seconds


“Double Fist”

For Time:

500 Meter Row or ski erg


Double Kb or Db Deadlifts

Double Kb or Db Push Press

1000 Meter Row or ski erg


Double Kb or Db Deadlifts

Double Kb or Db Push Press

500 Meter Row or ski erg


Midline stuff

Hollow rock 60sec

Rest 30sec

Plan with alt reach 60sec

Rest 30sec