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Barbell Club – October 2019

Posted 29th September 2019 by Jenna Fisher

October is month four of this five-month programme and is the last month that you will be focussing on a particular muscle group per month. Saving the best until last, October will beef up the butt.


July – chest focus

August – squat focus

September – shoulders and back focus

October – deadlift focus (glutes and hamstrings)

These four months have hopefully given you the chance to improve your position and movement pattern for each of the main lifts, learn lots of different exercises you can use for each muscle group, and really engage with these muscles to achieve the mind-body connection that will aid success.

November will return to all of the muscle groups having one day of the week dedicated to each with the main lifts edging towards the annual 1RM.

In the meantime, use the time in October to lock in your hip hinge pattern, fire up your posterior chain, and grow some hammies and glutes.

Click here for the pdf document of October’s programme:  Barbell Club Programme – October 2019 

Click here for the excel document that can be used to record your weights: Barbell Club 2019 – Personal Weights Record