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Crossfit Program 30/9/2019 -6/10/2019

Posted 29th September 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 5 of 12 . Week 5, We are moving into our second block of this 12 wee phase. This week we will return back to our pattern of training with some adjustments to reps, sets, density and rest period. These are there to make sure you body is kept guessing and able to move forward and make positive adaptions.

Monday – Cleans and running clocks

Tuesday – Bench press and You Go I Go

Wednesday -Number play

Thursday -Unicorn stuff

Friday – Deadlift and two more minutes to go

Saturday – Snatch and “order of play”.

Sunday – “Up and down the chief”


20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A High pull, Hang squat clean  and split jerk 10×1+2+2


10 minsE2MO2M

B. Back squats 5×7,7,5,5,ME

*ME with great form only


10 minsE2MO2M

B.Pull ups 5×7,7,7,5,ME -weighted

*ME with great form only


In a fight gone bad style

3x5min rounds

min 1 5x power clean 45/30

Min 2 ME -Box jumps

Min 3 – 5x push press 45/30

Min 4- ME -air squats

Min 5 rest



10min E2MO2M

A. Bench press 5×7,7,5,5,ME

*ME with great form only


10min E2MO2M

B. RDL 5×7,7,5,5,ME

*ME with great form only


12mins YGIG

C1. Db Press up  x12

C2. Db Walking lunges x12 (6el)



12min YGIG

Bike or ski erg

Change every 14/18 cals



“Number play”

Working in a YGIG format

6 Rounds each

5x power clean Rx 60/45kg

7x Pull ups

9x burpees

rest 4min

6 Rounds each

12x Deadlifts

15x KB swings

18x Wall balls

rest 4min

6 Rounds each

21x Du or 30seconds

* this is a rolling workout you’ll need to be organised and make sure you have plenty of space -be aware of others please.


Thursday – Unicorns



10min E2MO2M

A Deadlifts 5×7,7,5,5,ME

*ME with great form only


10min E2MO2M

B Strict OH press 5×7,7,5,5,ME

ME with great form -NO push pressing


12min YGIG rounds

KB swings x12

alt side double handed OH KB press x12 (6es with one Kb)


4x2min rounds 1min rrst (2 rounds of each alt)

C ME Rowing / ski erg


D  ME D ball over shoulder -heavy please



20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A. Paused power snatch, squats snatch and OH squats 1+1+2

*pause at the power position for  seconds


6min E30seconds

B. 1x long jumps


“order of play”

Working in teams of 4

Bike Max distance in 24mins (change EMOM)

OHS x200 (10s) rx45/30kg

pull ups x200 (5s)

Goblet squats x200 (10s-real goblet squats please) rx 32/20kg KB

Dips or press x200 (5s)


Order of play. The bike must always be working, and you must change the bike EMOM.  As a team you need to work down the numbers in order everyone one must do equal amounts. If you make it to the bottom of list you all bike AFAP the remaining time changing as you feel fit.



12min BB complex

6x BB deadlifts

4x power cleans

2x Thrusters

rest 1min between rounds -build weight


“Up and down the chief”

Run 400mtrs

5x rounds “Chief”

1x rope climb

4x rounds “Chief”

2x rope climb

3x rounds “Chief”

3x rope climbs

2x rounds “Chief”

4x rope climb

1x rounds “Chief”

5x rope climb

Run 400mtrs



3x pull ups

6x press ups

9x air squats