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Gymnastics – October 2019

Posted 2nd October 2019 by Jenna Fisher

October brings your chance to try the CrossFit Games “Split Triplet”. You can watch the pros perform it here:Β

Click on (more) for the results of the September workouts and the full October programme.



Results from September

The class winner of the CrossFit Games’ Sprint Couplet: Daniel E (8am) at 2 mins 54 secs (172ft sled push / 5.5 lengths + 18 bar muscle-ups + 172ft sled push). He achieved the bar muscle-ups in three sets: 9, 6, 3. Well done to Daniel.

Tegan won the female entry – strict pull-ups rather than bar muscle-ups, achieving 3 mins 30 secs. Perfect chest to bar. Well done.

As always, we tested the workout in the first week and then did a re-test in the last week. Daniel improved his time from 3 mins 24 secs at first attempt (tied with Sam from 6am) down to the 2 mins 54 in the last week. Greg improved his time by 1 min 4 secs down to 3 min 26 sec and Roy by 50 secs down to 4 min 10 sec.

These huge improvements were achieved simply by doing less reps in their first set of muscle-ups. This is a useful lesson for everyone for bodyweight movements. This small change prevented burn out and the previous frustration of taking a whole minute to get the last one or two reps.

Greg reduced his first set of muscle-ups from 8 reps down to 6. This allowed his next two sets to be completed much more quickly since he hadn’t taken himself to the red line that had delayed recovery in his previous attempt and caused the failed reps. This is a great example of how a small change can make a big difference.

The HSPU/TTB/Pistol AMRAP also achieved big improvements. Antoine nailed 12 rounds in 12 minutes and Onur improved his time for 10 rounds from 9 minutes down to 7.


Beginner Success Stories, 4-months in (all reps mentioned below are strict, not kipped)

Improving pull-ups and dips can be a long and repetitive journey, and not always the most exciting time spent in the gym. However, patience and perseverance do pay off, as shown in the results below. The key is to be methodical, collect as much data on yourself as you can each week (knowledge is power), and stay positive.

Aline – got her first ever pull-ups! Three unbroken at first attempt with great form.

Tom B – took his pull-ups and dips from zero (as in, couldn’t do either) to achieving 28 pull-ups and 30 dips in last week’s class.

Svente – when he joined gymnastics in mid-May he could do 2 pull-ups (badly, in his words) and no dips other than a couple of negatives. By the end of September, he could do sets of 5 dips weighted with 10kg, 8 unbroken ring chin-ups, and 50 bar pull-ups, with good form, within a 20-minute time cap (first 10 unbroken).

James He – increased his chin-ups from zero to 20. This is a huge achievement having snapped ligaments in his shoulder a few years ago.

Elena – ring chin-ups progressed from using her toes to no toes!

Jet – having not done any training before joining us Jet improved her negative chin-ups from 10 secs with a super-thick green band to 20 secs with a super-thin red band, and her dips from 1 rep with a purple AND green band(!!) to 5 reps with just purple πŸ™‚

Emma – our newest gymnastics member also progressed from zero to a 15-sec negative pull-up and 5 dips with a blue band for assistance. A great start – keep up the good work x


Intermediate and Advanced Success Stories

Antoine increased his 2-rep PB bar muscle-up to 6 unbroken (no stepping stone in between – straight from two to six!)

Michael increased his bar muscle-up PB from 4 reps to 5 and Mark from 1 rep to 3!

Darragh achieved 3 mins 30 secs with ring muscle-ups, instead of bar, for the Sprint Couplet.


October Programme

10 min warm-up – learning the moves for the Split Triplet



20 mins to work on:

Advanced – handstand walk

Intermediate – kipping technique for handstand push up

Beginner – chin up and dip strength*



Advanced: CrossFit Games ‘Split Triplet’ (see below)

Intermediate: CrossFit Games ‘Split Triplet’, scaled weight

Beginner: 15 mins toe-to-bar drills and practice



Advanced: If time, Midline work

Intermediate: If time, Midline work

Beginner: 15 mins double-unders practice (or Split Triplet, scaled)


CrossFit Games Split Triplet

For time, 5 rounds of

1 pegboard ascent (we will do 3 rope climbs per round instead)

100 double unders

10 (total) DB hang split snatch, alternating arm and leg

10 (total) DB hang power clean and split jerk, alternating arm and leg

Rx: 55lb/80lb = 25kg/36kg

Scales: 17.5/22.5 or 10/15. Start here and try to build each week to find your maximum weight.

Those who are new to double unders: 50 reps.


*Accessory programme that can be completed by beginners if needed:

A1. Ring rows with feet elevated on box – pause with rings touching your ribs 4x max effort with perfect position

A2. Flat DB chest press 4×6-8

B1. Double cable lat pulldown – handle attachments, pause at bottom 4×6-8

B2. Powell raises 4×8 each arm

C1. Narrow cable pulldown – triangle attachment, pull to bottom of chest and pause 4×8-10

C2. Cable straight arm horizontal scapula retraction 4×5-7

D1. DB bicep curl 4×5-7

D2. EZ lying trciep extension 4×5-7