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October Mobility

Posted 2nd October 2019 by Anthony Masters

As winter kicks in and Momentum turns into Winterfell there are going to be a few changes which is always good. I am going to put more movement into some of the classes, this is a progression putting together a lot that has been learnt in previous months but applying it through movements you will find in other classes, think squats, deadlifts, presses etc.This will also help get the blood moving more. I aim to make the last 15-20mins of class focused on this, October will address Olympic lifting movements such as overhead squat, front squat, good morning, RDL, etc. Here you will have the opportunity to put some weight on the bar and work up to around 70% (8 reps or more), this is not about heavy lifting but working with a weight that you can comfortably perform 8 reps or more with perfect technique. If you spend some time doing barbell classes and would like to troubleshoot/ brush up on your technique this will be a very helpful month for you.

Regulars are going to notice I will be providing more alternatives to stretches & exercises which you will be familiar with. The reason for this is not every stretch/ exercise is equally suitable for everyone, so some stretches will work better than others based on each individual’s response. This will allow for everyone to make the best from classes.There will also be some accessory, knee & elbow rotation work, these can be common injury areas, especially elbows which i can assume is partially due to a lot of the straight bar work done in gyms for which you need damn good elbow rotation. If you have or had past issues in these particular joints, or would like to find out if you have sufficient knee/elbow rotation for what you do what i will explain and teach in the class will allow you to assess for yourself.


Wk 1: full body, chest & glutes (hip external rotation), lots of long holds & deep deep stretches

Wk 2: ELBOWS, Front Rack & Front Squat movement focused, shoulders, hip flexors, spine

Wk 3: KNEES, Overhead Squat movement focused, shoulders, spine, hips

Wk 4: Spine/ movement (Bridge work)

Ant x