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New Class! StrongCon

Posted 15th October 2019 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon is a new class that will be starting on Monday 4th November.

The class will be half strength and half conditioning. Think barbell club meets metcon.

The weightlifting element will be a scale-up from regular metcon by replacing dumbbells with barbells for the main lifts*. This will give you the opportunity to add some weight to your squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. (*All movements will be fully taught to any beginners and scales will be given where necessary). This will be followed by accessory exercises with dumbbells and cables for stability and joint health.

The conditioning element will be traditional metcon: assault bike, rower, running, ski erg, sled pushing and so on.

The classes will be programmed and published on the blog at the start of each cycle.


How could this class benefit me? A few examples: 

-Beginners can learn movement patterns in more detail than in Metcon classes.

-Metcon-only members can progress to a barbell without the complication of learning the highly technical lifts required for CrossFit. (StrongCon will be included in metcon-only memberships).

-Barbell Club members can add some fitness without losing the gains.

-CrossFitters can get that extra chest and arms day without losing the metcon fix.


Click on (more.) for the class programme and timetable.

Class Schedule

The class will initially run 5 times per week for a 6-week trial period. This aims to gather feedback and see which days and times are the most popular. At the end of this period we will keep the sessions that are the most in-demand.

For the 6-week trial the sessions will be delivered as follows:

Monday 7am – Jenna
Tuesday 6.30pm – Jenna
Wednesday 5.30pm – Josh
Thursday 8am – Jenna (gymnastics will be taught by Anthony M during this period)
Saturday 9am – Josh/Geoff

All classes will be in the front room with a maximum of 8 people.

It will be beneficial to test a few sessions as there will be four programmes delivered over the 6-weeks in two distinct styles.


November-December Programme 

Click here for the programmes that will be delivered during the 6-week trial (subject to minor change):

StrongCon Programme – November 2019

Nearer the time we will post which session will be on which day.


Think body composition, muscle gain, heart rate and calories. Hope to see you there.