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Bring a chum & both get 30% discount off a month’s membership

Posted 25th October 2019 by Josh Schouten

As a lot of you are aware, we don’t often do deals but when we do, we want to keep it tight and close to home so we do love the refer a friend offer.  

If you introduce a friend* to Momentum between now and the end of November 2019, both you and your friend will each receive 30 % off a membership of your choice (excluding class packs), for one month. If your friend has no previous CrossFit experience, they can either do metcon only, or if they want to CrossFit, contact us and we’ll sort something out.

All you need to do to avail yourself of this exciting offer is get your friend to purchase the membership they want between now and the end of November then email us with your names so we can refund you both the 30%.

(someone who doesn’t currently hold a membership with Momentum).