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Gymnastics – Beginners – November 2019

Posted 6th November 2019 by Jenna Fisher


November’s program goes back to basics as gymnastics is changing to a beginner program.

It was introduced as an intermediate/advanced class a few years ago so that people would get a chance to practice the harder movements that are not programmed in the regular classes in order to keep those achievable for all levels.

Muscle-ups, HSPU, and HS walk now featured once per week in this new gymnastics class. Consistency was needed for people to achieve these movements competently.

In the first year alone, around 18+ people progressed from not being able to do any muscle-ups to being able to do them in WoDs (strict reps, not kipping). HSPUs also increased dramatically with some managing up to 80 reps. Bar muscle-ups were also achieved for the first time with some of those people now being able to do sets of 15 unbroken. HS walks were the latest development with one member completing 132ft while doing a 2019 Games workout of 800m row, 66 KB jerks (16kgs) and 132ft handstand walk. These have been fantastic achievements that make me feel very proud of you all.

A second coach was then added to the busy morning classes so that beginner members would have a chance to attend as well. This gave them the chance to have extra practice on their pull-ups, dips, TTB, and double-unders on top of doing these movements in regular classes. An accessory program was also given to strengthen their back, biceps, triceps, tendons, etc. to support the big compound movements.


We are now going full circle and returning to a beginner program. (Click on ‘more’ for November’s program.)


Everyone will do the same. In the last part of the class, the advanced people can opt to do the advanced workout that features harder movements.

Good luck. Enjoy x


A1. Eccentric chin-up 5×15 secs (can scale down to ring rows, or up to pull-ups/weighted 5×5)

A2. Push-ups 5×10 reps (can scale down to on a box, or up to eccentric dips 5×15 secs, or dips/weighted 5×5)


B1. Front scale 3×30 sec each leg

B2. Back scale 3×30 sec each leg

B3. Hollow hold 3×30 sec (can scale up to L-sit 3×30 sec accumulated)

B4. Incline handstand hold against the wall 3×30 sec (can scale up to full handstand hold against the wall)

B5. Plank or superman plank 3×60 sec – position your torso over a wall ball

B6. Hamstring stretch – with a band, lying on the floor

The number of seconds can be scaled up or down to suit your level of experience.


C. 6- 8 rounds of each

30 secs Double-under attempts

30 secs rest

30 secs Hanging knee raises (can scale up to TTB/TTR)

30 secs rest

Count your reps and keep each round consistent. Each week try to improve the number of reps achieved.


Alternatively, the advanced level members can complete:

2019 CrossFit Games workout – 800m rower + 66 KB jerks 16/12kg + 132ft (whole length of gym) HS walk.

The HS walk can be scaled to 44 HSPU / 44 HSPU on box / 44 push-ups / 44 push-ups on box.

These reps can be scaled down if needed – pick a rep target that is realistic for you, keeping good form. Each week try to increase the number that you achieve.

If this format is still unrealistic for you, complete the HSPU/scale first and then the KB jerks (a lighter weight can be used if needed, or a DB instead of KB).


Finally, the results from last month’s workouts! These continue to be impressive. Well done everyone.

Tom B’s pull-ups and dips increased by another 22.9% in the second week of the month.

The CrossFit Games workout was won by Sam T in 22 mins 29 secs (legless, 30kg DB) with Chris A coming a close second with 23 mins 05 secs. Darragh got 21 mins 55 secs with 25kg.

The with-legs rope climb version was won by Roy with 24 mins and 25kg and Antoine came in second with 25 mins 22 secs. Aline won for the girls with 31 minutes and 12.5kg.

Note that this workout included a total of 500 double unders along with the rope climbs (to sub for the pegboard) and 50 heavy hang split snatch and 50 hang split clean and jerk. Good job from everyone.

In the last few weeks we adapted this workout to give a new challenge and added a Regionals workout as well. The Regionals workout was won by Chris A, with Darragh, Roy, and Ziya close behind. Well done all.