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Crossfit Program 11th November -17th November 2019

Posted 10th November 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 11 of 12 . Week 11, The final week  of our basic lifting patterns of this training phase, remember we are looking for a higher % lifted for your x5 reps sets please. There are some meaty WODs this week check your time on work rest rounds and count your reps.

Monday – Cleans, pull ups and “No time like now” .

Tuesday – Bench press and another 3 rounds each and another 3 rounds each.

Wednesday -Complex and ladders.

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift, pressing  and try and keep count.

Saturday – Snatching and  get of the floor……

Sunday – CF open WOD?


20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A Clean Pull + Hang Clean (knee) + Clean – 10×1+1+1


20 minsE2MO2M

B1  Back squats 5×5,5,5,3,3

B2  Pull ups 5×5,5,5,3,3 weighted


“No time like now”

3x 2min work 2min rest

power cleans x4 rx 60 /45

air squats x8



15min E3MO3M

A1 Bench press 5×5

A2 db- RFE split squats 5x5el


12mins YGIG

C1. ring dips or dips x6-12

C2. Db Walking lunges x12 (6el)


3 rounds each YGIG

Alt db lunges x16

Burpees x8


3 rounds each YGIG

Db STOH x16

Burpees x8



12 min Blood flowing YGIG

power clean x3

front squat x2

push press x1

6 up downs


Part A YGIG 12min

3,3,6,6,9,9,12,12 etc

Box jump or step overs

Wall balls

P1 does all 3s then P2 does 3 P1 does 6s P2 does  etc

3min to reset

Part B YGIG 6min Thruster ladder 45/30

1,2,3,4,5 etc


Thursday – Unicorns



15min E3MO3M

A1 Deadlifts 5×5

A2 Strict OH press 5×5


10min YGIG rounds

B1 RKB swings x12 Heavy

B2 HSPUx6 @60X0


keep count”

15min EMOM- 3 rounds

Min 1 ski erg ME

Min 2 D-balls OS ME

Min 3 Bikes ME

Min 4 standing plate chest press Rx 25/15 ME

Min 5 Rest



20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A Snatch Pull + Hang snatch (knee) + snatch – 10×1+1+1


6min EMOM

1x squat jump into long jump  please be careful if your not comfatable jumping -DONT


Teams 2 YGIG

6 rounds each Rx 45/30kg

7x Power clean

5x power snatch

3x thruster

rest 3mins

Max distance each in 3mins on Rower



12min KB complex

12x RKb swing

12x alt BOR

12x goblet squats

12xalt clean n press

rest 1min


Run 400mtrs

7x rounds “Cindy”

bike 800mtrs

5x rounds “cindy”

Run 400mtrs

3x rounds “cindy”

bike 800mtrs

1x rounds “cindy”

Run 400mtrs



5x pull ups

10x press ups

15x air squats