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Crossfit program 18th November to 24th November

Posted 17th November 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 12 of 12 . Week 12, Can you believe it? Its finally come around the final week of this training phase and (as far as i can see) its been a goody. No one had died and everyone is looking solid. We got some fun and some challenges for you to end this phase with. Be brave but not stupid and if your going to be stupid, best of luck.

Monday – Clean complex and reps

Tuesday – Bench press and “poor grip”.

Wednesday -“Sweaty Buckets” twice?

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift and “up to 10”

Saturday – “Breakfast on the line” yes really

Sunday – “To much”


A 12min to establish a rep max for the below complex

1x Power clean

1x Front squat

1x Split jerk


B 3x complete rounds each

Working with a partner

AMRAP exercises until rowing has been completed then change quick.

7x box jump /step ups

12x Pull ups


27x cals rowing /ski erg



A 10min to establish a 3rpm Bench press for the day


B drop the weight to 60% A and do AMRAP in 60seconds

if you rack the bar you’re done.


“poor grip”

3 rounds

Power step ups x12el

Press up x12

3 rounds

Db rev lunges x12el

Db push press x12

36reps db Devil press

YES- that’s with a burpee

The above should be ideally done as a single WOD you’ll need to think about how you plan your equipment and layout. “Sharing is caring”



“1 – Sweat Buckets”

with a partner 4 rounds each

Rower 30cals

Bike as long as it takes to row 30cals


rest 4mins


“2 – Sweat Buckets”

Alt with partner 4 rounds each

Run 400mtrs

Ski-erg as long as it takes partner to run and tag team you


Thursday – Unicorns



A 10min to establish a 3rpm Deadlifts for the day.


B Deadlift reps and hold

Drop the weight to 60% of A and do an AMRAP in 30 seconds then hold onto bar as long as can. (no straps)


“up to 10”

HSPU and Kb rev lunge ladder


20 Double Under’s after each set


When you have done 10 rounds of the above do AMRAP in remaining time (coaches call)

20x db walking lunges

10x press ups



12min with a partner YGIG to build to a good weight for the below

BB complex

1x Power clean

1x hang squat clean

1x split or Push jerk


“Breakfast on the line”

In 2 waves

For time:

21 Squat Cleans 60/42.5

15 Thrusters 60/42.5

9 Clean & Jerks 60/42.5

35cals on bike or rower

You have 1 round of the above. We are asking you to dig deep put your breakfast on the line with this one.




“Kb starter”

6x Kb deadlifts each side

12x Kb swings

6x Kb clean ea

12x Kb goblet squats

6x Kb push press ea

rest as needed


“To much”

10 rounds

3x Clean and press – Heavy

5x C2B or scales

7x box jump / step overs

15x Cals –  Mono-structural