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Dec Mobility

Posted 29th November 2019 by Anthony Masters

Hi guys, so Dec will see 3 classes, each class will give you something to remember me about over the xmas… in a thankful way. They are gonna be pretty specific, i am going to give a taste of what it feels like to hold a stretch for 12-15mins… its a long time but this is about improving cold mobility (owning ranges of motion without warming up to them) and reality is holding a stretch for 1-2mins does nothing in the long term for cold mobility. “Mini rant” Mobility is strength training and not simply stretching so you will be doing LOTS of active work during that period to communicate with the nervous system which supports achieving cold mobility gains. With long time under tension it is important to minimise pain by developing a positive response to it. One technique i will be introducing at the start of the classes which will serve to help you through the class by bringing you into a parasympathetic (relaxation) state will be breath work. We are all used to thinking & moving fast and striving on stress but very few of us are capable to bring the body to a state of relaxation after a bout of stress within a short period of time. This is an important role in mobility training. I feel most of you struggle with this concept and i understand why, but i won’t bore you with that. Just come and learn for yourself.

Internal rotation of the joints will be the focus for the first 2 weeks, this simply helps make everything else move better in the joints so is a win win for all and what most of you need.
As usual all levels are welcome, i will adjust accordingly to your experience.
Class itinerary
Wk 1 – Squatapocalypse: hip internal rotation focused in 90/90, adios to old hips hello to new hips. We will test the bodyweight squat before & after.
Wk 2 – shoulderopener: shoulder internal rotation focused, we are aiming to hit a particular area right behind the shoulder that helps open up the shoulder joint allowing freedom for all other movements. We will use stick/ band dislocations for assessment.
Wk 3 – full body: the run up to christmas i expect it to be pretty dead so will play this one by ear. I might even join in if its not busy.
Ant x