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2nd December to 8th December 2019

Posted 1st December 2019 by Geoff Stewart


Lets get into it Week 2-4. so some people have already fallen foul of the  part bus and the jolly month of December has only just started. Find below your training plan for the following week.


Keep those pies warm…..

Monday – Squats and more some air squats

Tuesday – Snatching and breathing

Wednesday -Power clean for “Rugrats”

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift, bench press and pump

Saturday – Cleans, Clusters and “inverse”

Sunday – Cindy running


12 Minutes of:

A1: Back Squat 5 x 6,6,6,4,4 @ 31×1

A2: Pull ups 4×6-8 @3010


“Build up”

8min YGIG

7el box step ups


2min ME air squats


8min YGIG

12x ring rows


2min ME air squats


8min YGIG

3x Burpee pull ups


2min ME air squats


Each round of the above will take 10mins both people will do the 2min air squats at the same time



12 minutes E2MOM – build weight

A: Power Snatch+ hang snatch + Snatch x 6×1+1+1


6 sets each YGIG for form

B1 squat jumps x3 -height

B2: Hang Power Snatch x2 -speed


20mins E2MO2M

Bike / Row 2min alt

10x D-ball to shoulder -heavy



20 mins EMOM RX 45 /30

Power clean X1,2,3 ?

Hang squat clean X1,2,3?

Front squat X1,2,3?

Push jerk X1,2,3?

Start with 1 rep of each exercise then add 1 rep per round until a round take you 40seconds then aim to maintain that weight for remaining time.



E4MO4M x 5 Rounds:

9 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

15 KB goblet squats (32/20)

12/15 Calorie row or Bike

these rounds need to be hard and fast please





12 Minutes of:

A1: Deadlifts 4x 5-7

A2: Bench press 4×8-10


10min YGIG rounds

B1 RKB swings x12 -Heavy

B2 HSPUx6-12


10min YGIG rounds

6-8x Dips /press ups

Bike 10/12 cal’s


10min YGIG rounds

6-8x Jump lunges or alt lunges

Ski-erg 10/12 cal’s



12 minutes to build to a comfortable weight

A: squat Clean or pwr + Jerk x (2+1)


8min YGIG

Cluster -Thurster x2 Rx 45/30



5x2min rounds Rx 60/45

2min rest between rounds

Round 1

6x power clean

ME Burpee

Round 2

8x power clean

ME Burpee

Round 3

10x power clean

ME Burpee

Round 4

12x power clean

ME Burpee

Round 5

14x power clean

ME Burpee



12mins work

6x power cleans

12x air squats

6x push press

12x press ups

rest 1min


Run 400mtrs

7x rounds “Cindy”

bike 800mtrs

5x rounds “Cindy”

Run 400mtrs

3x rounds “Cindy”

bike 800mtrs

1x rounds “Cindy”

Run 400mtrs



5x pull ups

10x press ups

15x air squats