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Gymnastics – December 2019

Posted 3rd December 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Well done to Daniel E for winning our run of the 2019 Games workout “Second Cut”: 16 mins 2 secs at Rx! (800m row, 66 double 16kg KB jerks, 132ft handstand walk). Pablo was a close second at 17:21 and far more people completed it than had expected that they could – well done! Also big congrats to Hannah F-S for getting her first chin-ups! And to Ziya and Phil M for their first kipping HSPU (they could only do strict until now).


For the strength section, the pull-ups and dips are reducing from 5 reps to 3 so that you can increase the load. An L-sit and ring support hold have also been added here. Scales for beginners are listed.

For the conditioning, the 30 sec work:rest has been increased to 45 secs to give the beginners more time to practice and improve stamina. These people can continue trying to improve their TTB/TTR and double-unders here. Everyone else can choose which gymnastics movement they would like to practice and improve their stamina in. They can also choose a different element for the ‘gas’ to work on a particular weakness if they wish. Try to improve your flow, form, and reps a little extra each week.

Alternatively, as before, you have the opportunity to replace one of the programmed workouts for the chance to try a CrossFit Games workout. Since you have completed four of the 2019 workouts, December will feature one from 2018.


A. 20-24 mins to complete 5-6 rounds of:

3 pull-ups (weighted),

20 sec L-sit

3 dips (weighted)

20 sec ring support hold

Calf raises/ankle stretches – for improving pistol squats next year


Scales for beginners:

Pull-ups: unweighted, supported, eccentric, x6 cable lat pulldown @31×1

L-sit: bent knees

Dips: unweighted, supported, eccentric, x6 NG decline chest press @3210

Ring support hold: hands on box or on rings with toes on floor


B. 21-24 mins to complete 7-8 rounds of:

45 secs: TTB/TTR, or your chosen gymnastics movement*

45 secs: rest

45 secs: double-unders / attempts, or your chosen alternative ‘gas’

45 secs: rest

*i.e. muscle-up, HSPU, HS walk, pull-up, dip, TTB, TTR, ring row with feet elevated, ring row, push-up, push-up on box


Alternatively, you can do:

2018 CrossFit Games workout



Paralette handstand push-ups

Double kettlebell deadlifts

Then, lunge 89ft with 2 kettlebells overhead


M: 14″ deficit on parallettes, 2x 203lb KBs for DL, 2x 53lb KB for OH lunge

F: 8″ deficit on parallettes, 2x 124lb KBs for DL, 2x 35lb KB for OH lunge

203lb = 92kg. 53lb = 24kg. 124lb = 56kg. 35lb = 16kg

6 min time cap.

Complete 5 HSPU, then 5 DL, then 8 HSPU, then 8 DL, then 13 HSPU, then 13 DL. Then OH lunge 89ft.


Adaptations for class:

-Parallettes can be changed for weight plates if there are not enough for everyone

-DL can either be done at the Rx weight on the Farmer’s carry logs or with the 40kg KBs for 11-17-27 reps (M) or 28kg KBs for 10-16-26 reps (F) – or adjust the rep range accordingly depending on how heavy your KBs are.

-Time cap can be extended



-HSPU on a lesser deficit or no deficit or feet on box, dips, push-ups, incline push-ups

-Lighter KBs or single KB for the DLs

-Lighter KBs or single KB or DB for OH lunges, or lunges in a front rack or with arms by sides