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Upcoming Social Activities and Art & Theatre Club

Posted 11th December 2019 by Jenna Fisher

After the success of Crazy Golf, the next social events have been planned and a new art and theatre list formed.

Read below if you would like to know:

1. The forthcoming confirmed social events with tickets available to book

2. Future social events (based on the results of the recent member survey on this topic)

3. The new art and theatre options that have been added since the survey

Confirmed Events – Tickets can be booked


Other World (virtual reality game) – 1st February

Buy tickets via the TeamUp store. 20 spaces are available exclusively to our members.


Haunted Happenings (ghost hunt at Avenue House) – 8th February

Buy tickets via the HH website. At the time of publishing, 9 tickets were left but are open to the public so they could sell fast.


Future Events – Tickets available soon

The social event survey had a surprisingly high response and showed an even spread between the events (4 events tied and the remaining three had a 1 to 2 point difference).

A provisional timetable has been set and dates will be confirmed throughout the year once they have been reserved and are available for you to book.


Axe-throwing at Whistle Punks – 7th March

In-house CrossFit/Metcon/StrongCon competition at our Hackney gym- 4th April – Test your achievements and make some new friends in a team competition with a BBQ after

Darts at Flight Club, Islington – 9th May

Gin Tasting at 58 Gin – date TBA – Whatsapp Jenna on 07843 488249 to register your interest and once we have 14 people an agreeable date will be set

Board Games at Draughts Board Game Bar – date TBA – same as above and once we have a group an agreeable date will be set


Art and Theatre Events

Many of our members are new to London (or new to our gym) and understanding what it was like when I first moved here it occurred to me that art and theatre might be a nice way for people to learn the city and get talking to people they see in the gym every day but never get the chance to chat to properly. (It’s also good to have a break from the British tradition of going to the pub a lot).

I have listed a loose agenda of events that I will be attending in the next year. If you are interested in forming a group for any of these do let me know and I will create it on an event-by-event basis. Bearing in mind that many of our members are successful artists, architects, designers, musicians…, do feel free to contact me to suggest alternatives as I am sure my list is that of an amateur.

NB: any whatsapp groups will be purely for the organisation of dates and logistics (so that your phones don’t get clogged up with an overload of messages). Each group will be deleted after the event. The gym makes no profit from these events. All prices are as quoted by the providing company.


Theatre – plays

Checkov’s Uncle Vanya – running 14 Jan 2020 –  2 May 2020

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (with an LGBT twist)


Theatre – dance/ballet/music 

Balletboyz – Deluxe, at Sadlers Wells. **Booked for Friday 27th March**

Akram Khan – Creature, at Sadlers Wells- running 1st-8th April

Royal Ballet, Swan Lake (Liam Scarlett’s production), at the Royal Opera House – running 5th March – 16th May

Sunday in the Park with George, starring Jake Gyllenhaal – running 11th June – 5th September

Les Miserables (remastered), running 18th December – October 2020


Theatre – comedy

Six – running until July 2020

This is Going to Hurt, by Adam Kay – running 6th-12th January



Lucien Freud: The Self-Portraits. At the Royal Academy, running until 26th January

William Blake at the Tate Britain, running until 2nd February

Zanele Muholi at the Tate Modern, running 29th April – 18th October

Sin at The National Gallery, running 15th April – 5th July

Alice Curiouser and Curiouser at the Victoria and Albert Museum, running 27th June onwards


I will send an update on the organisation of the ‘Other World’ event in the new year. Do feel free to email me any questions: [email protected].

Have a great festive break and enjoy the rest! x