Barbell Club – December 2019

Jenna Fisher | 02-12-2019
  The final month of the year is here. This is when most members take a break from training for holidays and visits home to family. For this reason, there are two options for the program this month. (more…)

2nd December to 8th December 2019

Geoff Stewart | 01-12-2019
  Lets get into it Week 2-4. so some people have already fallen foul of the ┬ápart bus and the jolly month of December has only just started. Find below your training plan for the following week.   Keep those pies warm..... Monday - Squats and more some air squats Tuesday - Snatching and breathing Wednesday -Power clean for "Rugrats"... [Read more]

December – Weightlifting

Josh Schouten
We start the first week strong! We are going to test our main lifts in week 1 and establish where we are and if you are new to Oly and aren't sure what your maxes our, this is a fun way to find out! Throughout the weeks, we will be including a lot more work from mid-shin and/or a pause... [Read more]