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Crossfit program 13th – 19th Jan 2020

Posted 11th January 2020 by Josh Schouten

2020 is here and Momentum Training is ready for a new year of training. We hope that you have some goals set as we have the sessions to get you there.

As you might have noticed, at the back-end of last year we introduced StrongCon which has attracted a lot of attention, and rightly so. We believe that we have the best, well-rounded offering of any gym in London. The addition of StrongCon means that we now offer classes across the whole strength spectrum:


MetCon – a challenging aerobic system workout with minimal technical skills needed to get great results.


StrongCon – this progresses from MetCon by slowing the pace of the class to add barbell weighted movements. This increases the stimulus, gaining some strength in those weaker areas to allow us to work at a higher capacity.


CrossFit – with the addition of Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics, this is a progression from MetCon and StrongCon which requires the investment of time to master the skills to be able to progress forwards. Endless possibilities are available for those willing to put the time and effort in.


Weightlifting (Olympic) – weightlifting is a skill, a hard one at that. For those looking to master the snatch and clean & jerk, this is the class for you. It is open to beginners through to advanced.


Barbell Club – strength and hypertrophy are the focus of this class (there is no conditioning). The annual program consists of two six-month cycles that build towards the ultimate goal of more strength and some additional mass. The program provides four days of training per week with spreadsheets and percentages to support the tracking of your progression. You work at your own pace and can choose which program day you want to complete in each class that you attend (i.e. deadlifts on Monday, bench press on Tuesday etc.). It can be adapted for beginners through to advanced so all are welcome to attend.


Mobility – we all need a bit of this in our lives. Here you learn how to look after your body by applying the mobility and stretching applicable to the demands of your training.


Without further adieu, we introduce to you the plan for the next 6 months of CrossFit programming at Momentum Training. We are going to have 3-week blocks that will lead one into another. These will start with lighter weights and more time under tension and then move to lower reps and heavier weights. The schedule for the first nine-weeks will look like this:


Monday – Clean + Lower Body Strength

Tuesday – Jerk + Upper-Body Strength

Wednesday – Energy Systems

Thursday – Gymnastics unicorn moves

Friday – Snatch + OHS tekkers

Saturday – Bring a friend/s team workouts

Sunday – CrossFit benchmark workouts


Choose your rest days wisely, and your hard days even more so. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a Rubix cube not solved on its first go. Be persistent and tenacious over time and you will be sure to succeed.


One thing that we now need to hand over to you is the education needed to make this general program more specific to you as an individual. Know that a group CrossFit class is exactly this – a general program, and it is aimed at a broad approach. It would not be realistic to have every possible scenario for every type of person written into each blog post every week. The published program acts as an outline. Adjustments are made in class based on the coach’s assessment of who is in front of them and what they need. If you are looking for something even more specific, have a chat with one of our coaches during class and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. Alternatively use the definitions above to see if you’re in need of more conditioning (MetCon / StrongCon) or Strength focus (Barbell Club / Olympic Lifting). If you’re after a little bit of everything then CrossFit is your bag and we will adjust the movements to suit your level.





Part A – Every 2 minutes (12min)


Segmented Power Clean* + Front Sq

6 x 3+3

*2 seconds below knee + 2 seconds at hips


Part B – Every 3 minutes (9min)


Back Squat (heels elevated)

3 x 15, straight into Banded Hamstring Curls 30 sec


Today’s conditioning

4 Rounds

Min 1: 7 Hang Squat Cleans

Min 2: 14 Wall Balls

Min 3: 21 Cal bike

Min 4: Rest

*Keep the hang cleans lightish and move well, don’t let them fatigue you.




Part A – Every 2 minutes (8min)


Push Press

4 x 6-8


Part B – Every 2 minutes (8min)


Press in Split Jerk Position

4 x 6


Part C – Every 2 minutes (8min)


Bench Press

4 x 6-8


Today’s conditioning

5 rounds of:

15 x Double KB Deadlifts

10 x Dip / Press Ups / DB Push Press

5 x Pull Ups / 10 x Ring Row

Rest 60sec before commencing next round. Share KB where needed.




Min 10 – 28

Every 4 mins – 4 rounds

Thruster x 5 (build each round)

Ski x 15-20cal

Double Under x 30-50

  • Aim to complete the round in 2:30-3:00 each round, don’t go full gas. Think 75%.


Rest 2 min


Min 28 – 42


Every 4 mins – 3 rounds

High Box Jump (step down) x 10

Double Kb Snatch x 10

Toes to Rings x 10

  • Aim to complete the round in 2:30-3:00 each round, don’t go full gas. Think 75%.


Rest 2 min


Min 42 – 51

Every 3 min – 3 Rounds

400m Run / Row / Ski




Part A – Every 2 minutes (12min)

Segmented Power Snatch* + OHS

6 x 3+1

*2 seconds below knee + 2 seconds at hips


Part B – Every 4 minutes (12 min)



3 x 5 @ 41×0


B2: Chin Up

3 x 6 @ 30×1


Today’s conditioning

14-minute time cap


3 Rounds:

16 x Cal Bike

8 x DB Snatch (medium – heavy)

Rest 1:1


Max Cals on your choice for the remainder of the time.




In teams of 3 complete


Bike / Row / Ski

Walking Lunges (2 x 22.5/15)


Share reps as you like/ must be done in order / 1 person works with 2 people resting




Part A – 20 minutes


Work to a 3 rep Hang Clean for the day, good reps only!


Part B – Helen

3 Rounds For Time

400 meter Run

21 x Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)

12 x Pull-Ups

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the 3 rounds of work in the order written.

Score is the time it takes to complete 3 rounds.

Good Times for “Helen” (source)
– Beginner: 15-17 minutes
– Intermediate: 11-14 minutes
– Advanced: 9-10 minutes
– Elite: <8 minutes