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Barbell Club – February 2020

Posted 2nd February 2020 by Jenna Fisher

The Juggernaut Method begins this month.

This is your opportunity to achieve good results but results require consistency.

Dipping in and out here and there, or only doing half of the program, will not bring you the benefits. Nor will ignoring the %s prescribed and going too heavy too soon instead. It is a process. Enjoy the journey.


The Barbell Club program below includes all of the accessory exercises.

Barbell Club Program – February 2020


The Juggernaut spreadsheet below provides you with the weight that you should lift for each set for the A exercises. You need to enter your 1RM and it calculates the percentages for you. At the end of each session, you need to input the number of reps that you achieved on the AMRAP.

Some people had problems with the last link so try again with the one below. This one is straight from my Mac without being converted and has worked for myself and the people who started a month early. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t stress. Come and see me or email me ( and I’ll sort it out for you. In the meantime, your class coach can input the numbers to work out what you need to lift for your first classes this week.


Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet


Alternatively, you can download it from the creator of this particular spreadsheet at Lift Vault:

Lift Vault


Or, you can check out the creators of the training method themselves on the Juggernaut website:

Juggernaut Training Systems


If you still have no luck, we have another spreadsheet that we/Momentum created 5-6 years ago and I can send you that.


Finally, an excel sheet is provided below, for you to record your weights for the accessory exercises.

Barbell Club Log for recording your weights – 2020