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Crossfit program 3rd – 9th Feb 2020

Posted 2nd February 2020 by Josh Schouten

2020 – Part II

Continuing on, we move to develop the movements from the previous 3 weeks. Our aim here is to make sure we are understanding the movements, not continually bumping up the weights. Lot’s of repetition to ingrain those movements. If you’re not understanding something please do speak up, we’re here to help.

We have some heavy and short, long and steady workouts coming up in the next 3 weeks, let use these as intended to try and develop different energy pathways. This will allow us to adapt to different training styles to make us a more well-rounded being. Focus on fixing some of those weaknesses!

For those interested in getting to know a little more of the specifics of mobility and how to apply this to your training, Anthony Masters will be hosting a weekend mobility course. You can find out more about this here. Investing time and effort for those in need is a great way to upskill your knowledge and understanding of the body and what tools to use and when you need them.

Last-minute reminder about the Mobility workshop that will be starting this coming weekend for the next six weeks, read more here.


Weekly Breakdown:

Monday – Clean + Lower Body Strength

Tuesday – Jerk + Upper-Body Strength

Wednesday – Energy Systems

Thursday – Gymnastics unicorn moves

Friday – Snatch + OHS tekkers

Saturday – Bring a friend/s team workouts

Sunday – CrossFit benchmark workouts


Choose your rest days wisely, and your hard days even more so.




Part A – Every 2 minutes or 12 min


High Hang + Low Hang Clean(below knees)

5 x 2+2


Part B – Every 2 minutes


Paused Front Squats

5 x 2 @ 33×0


Todays Conditioning (12 minutes)


Power Clean

30 x DU

-Then –

Max distance Ski / Bike / Row for the remainder of time




Part A – Every 2 minutes (8min)


Push Jerk

4 x 3


Part B – Every 2 minutes (8min)


Jerk Balance

4 x 3


Part C – Every 2 minutes (8min)


45* 1 & ¼ DB Incline press

4 x 7 @ 21×1


Todays Conditioning:

5 rounds

5-10 x Strict Chin Ups

5-10 x Strict Dip

200m Run



100 Banded Push Downs

100 Db BG Curls




½ the class will start on A & B, then switch. We will come together to do part C! Adjust the distance on the cardio to make the 90 seconds cut off.


Part A – 0-12 min

4 Rounds YGIG – 2 Players

10 x Bench Press (increase weight each round)

250m Row (Very Hard)

Please note that your work period for both exercises should note take longer than 90seconds.

Rest 5 minutes before starting B.


Part B – 17-32 min

4 Rounds YGIG – 2 Players

10 x Deadlift (increase weight each round)

200m Ski

Please note that your work period for both exercises should note take longer than 90seconds.

Rest 5 minutes before starting C.


Part C – 37-52 min




DB Snatch





Part A – Every 2 minutes (14min)

High Hang + Low Hang Snatch (below knees)

5 x 2+2


Part B – Every 3 minutes (12 min)


B: Snatch Pulls

4 x 3

Rest 30 seconds before B2.


B2: Dead stop KB Swings

4 x 9


Today’s Conditioning – 15 minutes

4 -5 Rounds:

8 x DB Thrusters

16 x Box Step Ups (weighted)

32 x DU



Team of 3, 2 people working at once.

2 Rounds

2000m Ski
100 Deadlift (100/70)

200cal Bike
100 Burpee over the bar



Todays Testing:


A: Establish a 5RM Bench Press @ 40×0, Rest 90-120

A2: Establish a 5RM Chin Up @ 40×0, Rest 90-120



Burpee to target 6″ above standing reach.


Accessory work: Coaches choice for this.