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Mobility – February

Posted 4th February 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hello all,

First off well done for all making it down during these dark gloomy months. The month of Feb mobility classes will be building on top of the foundation work we have seen in Jan. The classes will move from an emphasis on rotational movements seen for hips & shoulders towards putting bigger muscles that we are all the more familiar with into the picture. Think hip flexors, hamstrings, pecs and lats. 

The intent of this month is to hammer in on what most absolutely struggle at and also rarely get the opportunity to train in this particular way within other classes we offer. This is so that you can perform better in ALL other classes in a safer manner reducing risks of injury and also to compensate for what your body was designed to do but you are not doing enough of in & out of the gym. This will mean some speciality classes targeted to particular body parts which will be highlighted in the itinerary below.

I will also be bringing back the monthly spine class which will fall on the last thursday of each month. I am dedicating a whole class just to spine because it is a complex beast to tackle properly. It takes a slower approach and needs some explaining, processing & practice for it to make sense & work.

Class itinerary:

Wk 1 – Scapular (shoulder blades) focused class. Many of us, and really i mean almost ALL of us seem to have our shoulder blades super- glued to our spine meaning any movement that is meant to come more from the shoulder blade ends up coming more from somewhere else. Improving this will help towards your pull, press & overhead mechanics. Whether you are looking to get your first pull up, muscle up or simply be able to overhead squat comfortably having a shoulder blade that moves correctly is important in all of this and many more movements.

Wk 2 – Hamstrings & hip flexors focused class. Again many are unable to perform big lifts like variations of the deadlift & squat with proper hip extension. Usually I see the lower back doing most of the work. If you notice your back round in the bottom of the deadlift or squat this could be part of the issue. If you wake up after a deadlifting session and your lower back is always feeling broken this should not be the case and the above probably does apply to you.

Wk 3 – Full body class

Wk 4 – Spine focused class. The primary motion of the spine is flexion & extension. A lack of spinal segmentation (independent articulation) can decrease the ability to absorb shock and transmit force throughout the spine efficiently and safely. A large majority of the population struggle with proper spinal segmentation, our training & lifestyles very rarely give us the opportunity to keep the spine moving the way it should. So we will simply work on improving spinal segmentation.

Ant x