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New Classes!

Posted 6th February 2020 by Jenna Fisher


The Thursday morning timetable is changing with the addition of new classes.

As of February, the ‘CrossFit’ will be taken out of gymnastics to work purely on strength. This will now be a Gymnastics class.

Conditioning will be available in the front room at both 6am and 8am in a StrongCon class.

The new schedule:


Back room: Gymnastics

Front room: StrongCon

7am (remains the same)

Back room:  Metcon

Front room: Mobility


Back room: Gymnastics

Front room: StrongCon

Gymnastics will be for people who want to get stronger at pure gymnastics / bodyweight movements / work on the rings.

StrongCon will be for people who want to get sweaty instead.

*Note that you need to be able to do a pull-up and dip to join the Gymnastics class. If you have not yet achieved these you can go to Barbell Club, or regular CrossFit classes on upper body days.


The reason for changing CrossFit Gymnastics to Gymnastics:

In the last three years, a lot of people achieved muscle-ups and HSPUs for the first time. At the start of this period we spent nearly a year working purely on strength building and progressions for these movements.

Once achieved, many people progressed to such a high standard that we could bring traditional style CrossFit WODs back into class to challenge this further. Incredibly impressive performances in some cases. It has been very exciting to see you smashing the Hero and Games WODs lately.

However, to get stronger, we now need to take the ‘CrossFit’ out of the class and focus purely on strength again.

The classes in the big room will, therefore, change to Gymnastics as of February. This will be all strength – a lot of work on the rings – and no ‘gas’.

If you want to see the types of movements you will be doing take a look at Anthony Masters Instagram as he will be teaching.

Those people who like to get sweaty instead of flying around on the rings will be able to go to StrongCon. This will be in the front room during the times when Gymnastics is in the back room. It will therefore remain on the timetable at 8am and will be added to 6am as well. This will be taught by me (Jenna). The program is on the front room whiteboard and on the StrongCon blog post. Each class involves a compound barbell lift – back squat, bench press, deadlift or overhead press – followed by conditioning (DBs, KBs, assault bikes, rowers, sprints, ski ergs etc.) and core.

These changes will allow people to focus on the thing that they specifically want – bodyweight strength or conditioning – rather than us trying to cram it all into one class in one hour – for a now hugely wide-ranging level of abilities – and not achieving as much in the long-term.

Enjoy. It will be fun x